Ferguson MO….

I found this on-line and found it rather raw but at the same time right on point.  I researched it as well as I could and found it to be true through the author’s website and a few other various sites.  I did not want to post some imposters, from their point of view, improper rant.  Interesting piece however it will not set in with anyone and will eventually be lost in the shuffle.  Read at your own risk.



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Why Would You Even Consider it….

The President recently has taken executive action that is going to allow 5½ million illegal aliens to remain in the country, work and eventually become citizens.  Basically he’s saying “screw congress, I’m doing this on my own”.  We elect congress to do our bidding and he is bypassing them. What is he thinking?  Why would he even consider this?  Do we not have enough issues of our own to deal with?  Hell jobs are scarce enough much less with him doing this.  Think about it, right now there are boarder patrol agents patrolling the boarder to keep these illegals out.  Some of these guys are risking their lives on occasion and the President is spitting in their face.  It’s like saying come on over, we’ll take you, no problem.  Remember when we told Cuba, “we’ll take your refugees” and then Castro proceeded to empty his jails and send them too.  For the life of me I cannot figure this guy out.  It’s like he’s a sleeper agent working for some group set out to undermine this country.  The end of his days cannot come soon enough, he’s done enough damage.  If a President ever needed impeachment it’s this one. God help us.


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Deju Vu All Over Again….

2AA State Champs make their entrance!!!
2AA State Champs make their entrance!!!

One of the hardest things a Wildcat fan had to do all afternoon was leave the facility after the game.  On the flip side the Wildcat team did pretty much what they wanted to do.  After an ominous start on the opening kickoff, which went for a Newberry td, the Cats settled in, took control and only a few minutes later returned the favor.  Whenever they had to do something they did it, never allowing the hole to get dug deeper.  A Newberry drive to the one yard line that was threatening to bring the game to a one score affair resulted in a fumble that turned into a 99 yard TD run for the Cats.  Players are always coached to fall on a fumble, don’t try and pick it up and run as trying to pick it up usually results in giving it right back.  On this day the God’s smiled on #36, Randall Davis who may be the fastest defensive player, he got to glide down the eastern sidelines for a memory maker.  Avery McColl, not having thrown but one interception all season, nearly threw a pick six on his first throw of the second half.  His second pass was almost just a regular interception.  Other than that he was the usual Avery McColl, fast, elusive and dead on target throwing.  Dillon kept a two touchdown lead most of the way then bumped it to three early 3rd quarter and whenever Newberry scored Dillon returned the favor to keep it at three.  Midway through the 4th quarter the wheels pretty much fell off for the Bulldogs.  The Newberry QB was fast and a bit slippery, their fullback was a beast but their highly touted team size did not live up to the hype of being able to push teams around.  At least not this Wildcat team.  Dillon was the better team on this afternoon.  My opinion was Dillon had an easy road to the Championship and that could have made them soft but they played hard and thoroughly beat the best the upstate had to offer.  This whole day was a great send off for Coach Gerald Reeves who leaves the coaching staff  after 40+ years.  Enjoy your retirement Coach.  This program will miss you.

"Let's get this thing started!"  First play of the game.

“Let’s get this thing started!” First play of the game.

Folks are already thinking about next year and who’s coming back, who we play etc, etc.  People let it sink in and enjoy this one for a while! Riverbluff has a very nice facility, and it sure gives you time to think when you’re trying to leave.


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Going For Three in a Row….

DILLON (13-0) VS NEWBERRY (11-2)


TIME: 1:30 PM


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Random Thoughts….

I have a friend who’s family put up the Christmas Tree on November 8th.  I saw a yard decorated, fully decorated now , on November 11th.   Aside from rushing the Holiday season this also rushes our lives.  Constantly looking forward to something.  Counting the Saturdays until football season, counting the weeks till Christmas, the months till summer, always looking forward rather than being in the moment.  Then all of sudden at the end of the year everyone goes, “man time flys, where did the year go”?  You lived your year looking ahead.  Did you enjoy it?

Whatever happen to the days when we target practiced anything and the target was a paper with a series of colorful circles and a “bullseye” in the center.  Now it’s the outline of the top half of a human torso.  Not only that the vital areas or kill zones score higher points.  Not like the series of circles where the closer you got to the bull’s eye the higher the score.  Do you think this desensitizes us to shooting another human being just a little bit?  Your damn right it does!

If you’ve ever read the book “The Greatest Generation” you’ve read many many stories of entertainers and sports figures who chose to put aside their careers, many very strong careers, to join the ranks of the military and fight.  You would be surprised at how many well know individuals fought, won awards, were killed and did great things in time of war and all in the defense of the United States.  I mostly think of these indiviudals when I see the current day entertainers and sport figures who are so self absorbed they wouldn’t think of holding a door for a little old lady much less give of themselves in any way toward their country.

Outside a resturant the other night I noticed a antique stone tablet with the 10 Commandments inlayed into it.  Then I noticed on the backside it was chained down to the pole it was leaning against.  Makes you think.

I may be wrong and someone correct me if I am.  Every home football game when they play the National Anthem the ROTC tries to time the raising of the flag to the top of the pole with the end of the song.  If I’m not mistaken an American Flag should be hoisted “briskly” and lowered solemnly.  I’ve seen this done nowhere else.


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Is It Time….

Social media can be a great tool for keeping in touch with people, making new friends, and socializing effectively. Unfortunately not everyone uses it that way. For many, checking Facebook has become almost like a job. They post for likes, see what others are doing, and become almost obsessed with knowing exactly what’s going on everywhere all at once. They play all the games and participate in all of the fads (like quizzes). This may be you or someone you know. If it is then maybe it’s time to quit. I had a friend tell me one time, you could say to yourself “who gives rat’s ass” after reading 95% of the posts!  Here are 10 things that will happen once you stop checking Facebook all the time.

1. You’ll become less brain dead.

I use the phrase “brain dead” figuratively here. When you’re buried in a screen checking Facebook, you’re not paying attention to the world around you. Your animals may need to be fed or to be let out to use the restroom. You’ll do it but only after you’re done on Facebook. You may go places but still be on your phone all the time. If that happens, you’re not even experiencing what you left your house to experience. When you put Facebook down, you put your head up and start looking at what’s going on around you and you’ll be more cognizant of everything. For your hungry pets or your friends who wanted to hang out with you, that’s a good thing.

2. You’ll get more work done.

As a blogger, I’m on the internet fairly frequently (read: constantly). My greatest enemy is social media. It’s easy to minimize the tab with the blogging stuff in it and go check Facebook or Google+ for a few minutes. A few minutes turns into a quarter of an hour and before I know it, I’ve lost 30 minutes of productivity. Thanks to smartphones and improving mobile data speeds, you can check Facebook anywhere and that includes at work. When you put it down, you’ll have to do something else to keep from being bored and that usually means doing actual work. If you do put it down then expect your productivity to go up.

3. You can focus on other things.

Being on Facebook takes up a lot of time. You can waste insane amounts of time just scrolling through updates. This is especially true since Facebook doesn’t adhere to a chronological posting format anymore. Putting down Facebook means you’ll be freeing up a lot of time. That’s time that can be spent doing other things. You can spend more time with your significant other and make your relationship stronger. You can spend more time with friends and reconnect with them on a different level. You can get on a treadmill and lose a few pounds, get back into shape, and feel better about yourself. The possibilities are literally endless because you’ll be spending time doing what you want to do.

4. You can find out who your real friends are.

Having a good internet friendship is easy. Liking people’s posts and commenting on their photos takes mere moments. Someone who comments on all of your photos and likes all of your status updates spent 45 seconds doing it but they appear as though they really care and that they’re a real friend who is interested in you. Once you leave Facebook, a lot of that will disappear. The only people who want to actually hang out with you are people who care about you and who want you around. Leaving Facebook is going to help you find those people really quickly.

5. You will learn the word “like” has no meaning.

Audra Rundle made an amazing point regarding this. She states that liking things on Facebook is no longer a matter of actually liking the post. It’s an obligatory action to show that you have seen the post and acknowledge its existence. Many people are too close to the problem to see it directly. Taking a step away can show you just how useless the Like button is now and how few people actually care about the things they like.

6. You will feel more accomplished.

The defining characteristic of Facebook is that you’re never done with it. There is always more to do, more to see, and more to engage with. Dealing with that feeling of “never done” all day long can be emotionally and mentally draining. Doing things outside of Facebook can fix that problem. You can finish a book. You can finish planting a garden. You can finish washing the dishes. Pretty much any task in the real world is something that you can finish. We as humans feel almost high on the sense of accomplishment. Don’t rob yourself of that feeling. Get off of Facebook and finish something.

7. You will get rid of the stalkers.

Practically everyone who uses Facebook has a stalker. That is especially true if you happen to be a woman. People can look at your photos, your updates, and everything without your permission and some people actually do that. Creepy guys will frequently browse the photos of their crushes. Creepy women will do the same thing (albeit less frequently). People you’re not friends and people you don’t want to be friends with can see your information. Even if they can’t see you directly, they can see who you associate with. Your less privacy-minded friend may post that they’re going to the mall with you. Now your stalkers know where you are.If you leave Facebook, you’ll be totally immune to those kind of creepy people.

8. You will actually feel better about yourself.

Studies have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Facebook makes you feel bad about yourself. There are so many reasons for this. When you post a status and no one likes it, you feel like everyone thinks you’re stupid. When you post photos and members of the opposite sex don’t comment on how good you look, you feel ugly. You’re constantly exposed to people who are happier than you, more successful than you, and who have stronger relationships than you. How is that not supposed to make you feel inferior or utterly depressed all the time? Why would you want to put yourself through that? There’s an easy way to stop and that’s taking a break from Facebook.

9. You will feel better about the things you own.

Reporter Belinda Goldsmith published a piece regarding some research that had been conducted in Germany about how people feel on Facebook. The end result was that people actually become more jealous and envious of what others have on Facebook. It may be someone posting about their new phone, car, house, or other possession. There are some who get jealous when they see people in happy relationships be it friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, or family relationships. Facebook is a great place to brag about what you have and that means it’s also a great place to read about all the things that people have that you don’t. Like I asked earlier, why would you want to put yourself through that?

10. You will realize that all you ever were to Facebook was a piece of data that viewed advertisements.

We have no doubt that there are people on Facebook who legitimately care about you. However, we also have no doubt that Facebook itself couldn’t care less about you. To Mark Zuckerberg you are a piece of data in his giant database to be mined and exploited. Your job on Facebook is to view advertisements, spend money on Facebook games, and make the site rich. What happens to you aside from that doesn’t really matter to Facebook. You wouldn’t stay in a relationship with a person who treated you that way, so why stay in a relationship with Facebook?

I know this sounds like a Facebook bash post and it definitely is to an extent. However, social media sites were made for a reason and somewhere in the last 10 years, we’ve all forgotten what that reason is. That includes you, me, and even the social networks themselves. It’s not about finding people, or about connecting, and creating lifelong friends anymore. It’s about fads. It’s about chain-liking status updates like a smoker chain-smokes. It’s an addiction and it’s a job and you don’t really get anything out of it. I’m not saying you should leave Facebook for good. That’s a little drastic. However, you should definitely have less of it in your life. You’re not missing much by not going on Facebook 30 times a day.


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Which way did he go….

Recently I heard on the news that the car companies are coming out with a so called “black box” for your car.  It doesn’t record the conversation in the car I don’t believe but it does record the car’s vitals.  Vitals like speed, direction, turns, time of day, braking and etc.  It may, and I don’t remember, record where the car’s been much like a GPS would.  Seems as if it would though?!?  Regardless I can hear it now.  The American public going crazy that Uncle Sam is spying on them. I believe the only reason for this is to make it easier in the event of accidents.  Assisting in the investigation of and feeding data back to the car companies to improve the safety of the vehicles we drive.  But there are always going to be the paranoid few that swear the Feds want to know their movements.  That they’re activities are so interesting that they are cause for constant surveillance.  If the Feds want to know what your doing and where your going they can follow you, or simpler yet, they can track the GPS in your pocket.  Damn near every warm body in the US carries a cell phone and if they want to know what you’re doing and where your going it’s as easy tapping into your account.  Let the bragging begin from your buddies about how they “disconnected it”.  Whoo don’t tell anyone.  You know if we had GPS on our children we wouldn’t have so many missing.  But let’s not go into that.  Quite honestly I don’t care if they track me, hell they can ride along if they want.  I’d enjoy the company.  These boxes are still in the trial stage and will probably not be introduced for a model year or two.  People need not worry though, recently a 767 jetliner disappeared and it had four black boxes, and no one can find it.


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Monkey Officially Gone, Our Trip To “The Big House”….

100_0688Seven years ago I traveled to the Big House in Ann Arbor, Michigan for a football game as a Birthday present from my wife and to myself.  The trip was great, not a flaw or minute’s problem with any of it, except for the ballgame.  Michigan was upset that day by a good Appalachian State team.  Now it’s the not the upset of the century that people think it was as AppState was a good football team at that time, three National titles in a row in their division and about seven future pro’s on the team.  But that’s subject for another debate.

Back in July I decided I had to go again and this time around was another story.  It was noon kickoff which I love.  Isn’t it tradition to kick at noon?  Michigan started early to leave little doubt that this day was going to be theirs.  They clicked on all cylinders both sides of the ball and had a 35-0 halftime lead that eventually ended at 52-14 even though they pulled most of their starters midway through the 3rd quarter.  My wife and I enjoyed the total game experience, shopped, tailgated, yelled, sang “The Victor’s” a thousand times, did the wave, enjoyed the band concert after the game, took pictures of everything and a hundred other things.  The weather that had been a concern all week turned out to be a non-factor, it was great, sunny, warm and NO humidity.  The wonderful thing was that with the game in hand most of the way you could sit, kind of relax and really enjoy the stadium experience.  Seemed we were one of the last one’s to leave.  We were wandering around Ann Arbor and the campus the day before and stumbled upon the band practicing and getting ready for the opening game the next day.  We stopped, got out and wandered around enjoying the sounds from Elbel Field where they practice, rightly named after Louis Elbel who wrote the fight song “The Victors”.  My wife said this was one of her favorite parts of the trip.

2013-09-14_10-48-00_771After the game when we were returning to the car and the tailgates going on, it seemed to me to be kind of subdued.  Not the usual yelling, singing, music blaring and such.  There was some for sure, but most everyone was just kind of kicked back chilling out.  My thought was that everyone was now relieved that the monkey was removed from our backs. The so called “Horror” from seven years ago was gone.  It just didn’t seem to be the time for cheering or smack talk.  I was as happy as they were, not so much from seeing a dominating game effort, but the fact that maybe the AppState back of your mind what if was finally over.  Technically speaking Michigan had to do exactly what they did this day, meaning they had to route AppState.  You see scheduling them again was a no win situation, but in hindsight I’m glad they did.  If they beat you again, OMG!  If you win close there would still be doubters.  So the only way to see the chimp gone was to beat them soundly, which was nothing to brag about, but you didn’t have to listen to any nay-sayers any longer.  Some say that the game seven years ago was the beginning of Michigan Football’s downslide that we have seen over these past 5-6 years, and maybe it was.  With this game and chapter behind us, hopefully this can be the start of the programs resurgence and get back to Michigan Football as it once was!!!


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What a Difference a Year Makes….

August 2013

August 2013

August 2014

August 2014


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Hang up on Technology….

Technology has taken huge leaps in upgrades and improvements in the last few years, and new gadgets and ideas continually flood the market. But with more people being ever dependent on smartphones, tablets and social networks, is the connectivity between individuals suffering?

Dr. Ted Stiger is a clinical psychologist who believes there is a fine line between having and using technology, and being addicted to it on an unhealthy level.

“People can easily get caught up in technology,” Stiger said. “If someone values a gadget more than a person, it then becomes a problem.”

All the reliance on gadgets and social networking has changed some perspecitve on the meaning of friendship and the importance of actual social interaction.

cell phone friends“It’s a sign of the times seeing how relationships and friendships are defined on social networks,” Stiger said. “The question that needs to be asked is if friends are designated for quality or quantity?”

Some people would merit that technology faciliates relationships, Stiger said, which can be true, and sometimes a relationship can form with the help of technology. Friendships in social networks can be a different area of needs altogether in a relationship aspect.

“What is the gratification in having hundreds of friends on a social network, but not knowing any of them personally or on a deeper level?” Stiger said. “With that many friends but no quality friendships, all you get is an artificial or superficial sense of self esteem. Is the connection through technology going to facilitate further deeper connections, or is it a matter of having more friends than someone else?”

Not only can technology be used to facilitate friendships, it also can be used to avoid actual human interaction.

“I can use technology to protect myself from the risk of close relationships,” Stiger said. “Those type of relationships can lead to feelings of loss or rejection, and can be avoided through technology.”

So why the need to be engaged in a device or gadget 24-7? Stiger said people have been trying to get ahead in the rat race, and leaps in technology have made the race even quicker.

“Technology has added to the race, therefore making a more competitive rat,” Stiger said. “The problem is if you’re just involved in technology and racing along with the other rats, that isn’t a very good or exciting existence.”

When it comes to the usefulness of gadgets, one device can often take the place of many, with Internet access, phone capabilities and even cameras built into a handheld connect-all.

“The key is to reach a balance with your devices and the other aspects of your life,” Stiger said. “Be self aware. Take notice of when you should be on your device, and when it shouldn’t be out. Understanding that technology is a given and needed for most occupations is common, but being able to see there are more important things then checking for email or sending messages or playing games all the time is very important.”

Dependency on gadgets can lead to health issues and have negative effects on relationships, Stiger said. The culture today is stressed, and in this fast-paced world it is important to keep up, but peopler need to realize life is more than trying to reach the next level on Angry Birds or Candy Crush.

“I challenge people to be able to put away the phone or computer and take a deep breath and look around,” Stiger said. “Disconnect yourself and look out a window, meet with friends and leave your phone at home, have human interactions.”

Stiger also warned of the negative effects overuse of technology and games can have on children.

“Make sure children aren’t more interested in games and technology than an actual person,” Stiger said. “There are distractions everywhere 24 hours a day. Set limits for your children. It’s great for them to keep up with technology and advancements, but communication without technology has to occur.”

Parents need to make sure they aren’t using technology as a “babysitter” for their kids, and Stiger explained why personal interaction without devices is so important for developing youngsters.

“Children need to learn how to read body language and how to engage with another person,” Stiger said. “They learn to read expressions through human interaction and playing games with friends and parents, not through phones or video games or even television.

“I think technology use is something that needs to be monitored closely by all parents. Another disconnect occurs when parents have their own technology, like cell phones, and children have their own such as video games, and each are disconnected from each other by not being involved in their own type of technology and not paying attention to one another.”

Stiger recommends setting limits to technology time and increasing personal interaction with children as much as possible.

“Technology keeps developing, and we try to keep up with it, but it’s important to notice the things in life that are all around you by turning off the cell phone and focusing on people,” Stiger said. “Notice how you feel when you leave your phone at home. If it’s effecting emotional responses, sleep, or relationships with others, it’s time to put the gadgets away and focus on what’s around you.”

These gadgets won’t be disappearing any time soon, so finding a happy balance between life and technology use will most likely continue to be a struggle as devices become faster and more connected every day. Remember to stop and enjoy what is actually happening in the moment, without having to check or update a Facebook or Twitter account.


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