You know I’m no fan….

I’m no fan of Nancy Grace by any stretch of the imagination.  She is the definition of tabloid television I don’t care what you say. She exploits the victims and accused, in my opinion, to further her shows ratings.  How come everything on the screen, no matter the importance, is “Breaking News”?  One thing I always joke about is to never trust anyone with two first names, well I may make an exception in this case.  Nancy has also proclaimed herself the “advocate for justice”.  Recently she went behind bars of soome prison to interview a group of women inmates.  I have no idea what they did but these ladies were all tattoos and very heavy makeup.  Female thugs most would say.  Anyway in the commercials they all ended up crying and it gets very emotional.  Two thoughts pop to mind.  One, on the outside Nancy would be crucifying these same ladies for whatever they did night after night if given the chance.  And two, if she is the real “advocate for justice” why is it she never sides with the defendant.  Hell, there are innocent people being accused of wrong doing.  Face facts if your being tried for anything and Nancy is in the courtroom your dead meat.



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Bigotry in the Church, True Story….

A long distance friend of mine whom I speak to time to time related this story to me some time back and it really makes me think about the people around us and how prejudices die hard.  My friend, I’ll call M, is of the Jewish faith.  Now I have no dog in any fight and what religion a person chooses if fine with me. Who am I to disapprove?  Anyway M is also a Rabbi and had a synagogue but over time the Jewish community where he lived shrunk to the point it was just best to close it and move on.  And so he did.  He did services for other synagogues when he could, but the travel to and from them was getting further and further and even that slowly came to a halt after a while.  M was very active in the community and his wife had a good job so it was not a matter of needing a job but rather wanting one and he easily filled his time with community activities.  Of course outside of moving there was no employment for a wanting Rabbi to get.  Like I said M was very active in the community and for whatever reason he began attending the local Episcopal Church. He liked it there and they seemed to like him.  Now there is no doubt he was not going to switch religions, he just wanted to have a spiritual family to worship with.  M is very outgoing and fitting in came easily to him.  The preacher occasionally let him read the Old Testament reading during the service.  He was welcomed into the choir and loved it.  He taught, once again, the Old Testament during Sunday School.  At Christmas time when they did their Lessons and Carol’s program he was always given a lesson to read.  I cannot tell you how many times he bragged on this Church to me.  Everything however was not as rosy as it seemed.  There were, I believe, two couples who did not want him there.  Two German couples.  Now whether they were direct descendants or a generation or two removed I cannot say, but they wanted him gone and were at the time somewhat reserved about it.  The preacher was a strong man but his time had come and he moved on for reasons I don’t know.  During the interim and as the new preacher was to come on board the couples made it known, either he left or they did.  How strong a connection they had with the church I don’t know this either.  There may have been a couple more, but regardless their feelings were out.  The new preacher being a man of God was not going to turn anyone away from his Church, especially telling someone they had to go, and whatever the couple chose to do was of their doing.  M was terribly hurt by this as he had never wronged anyone there and everyone knew it.  By hearing this pronouncement from the couple he left the Church terribly hurt.  He could not stay regardless of everyone else almost pleading with him to remain.  He got phone calls and when he ran into members on the street they would ask him to return and don’t worry about the bigoted couple.  But he couldn’t, the damage had been done.  As far as I know to this day M has not returned.  Ask yourself if you were a member, or even the preacher, how could you face these bigoted folks and not have it ever present in your mind what they did or how they believe?  Have them sit amongst you praising God and knowing how they believe. And from the preachers stand point blessing them every Sunday, forgiving them of their sins while knowing their real beliefs.  If I were a strong member in good standing I would have a tough time holding my tongue.  Would you???


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Guess This About Rounds It Out, I’ve Been….








son in law,

brother in law,


father in law,

and now……

Zander Michael Poston...

Zander Michael Poston…




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We’re On Baby Watch Here….

He can't wait!!!

He can’t wait!!!


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I finally figured it out….



I finally figured it out.  My wife and I have gone out to dinner many times and have observed a young couple sitting there with perhaps one or two young children.  The sad part is the parents, both, are on their cell phones doing whatever killing the wait time electronically.  The children on the other hand are sitting there so innocent and lost, looking around at everyone and everything, being totally ignored.  The two people they love the most and who have brought them there have now left them completely alone even though they are sitting right next to them.  They have finally got the kids away from the all the distractions at home and have them all to theirselves and what do they do?  They choose to kill the wait time electronically instead of enjoying a family occasion interacting with the them.  The parents don’t even interact with each other.  Traveling not long ago I saw all four on cell phones from the time they came in to the time their dinner arrived.  I could see the wife’s phone and she was playing a game.  I can no longer chastise the kids when they sit at dinner, or anywhere for that matter, on their cell phone because I know where they got the habit from.  I finally figured it out.


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bullyBullying has been going on forever.  Has there ever been a society that has not encountered some form of bullying?  That’s the way wars start.  Common sense dictates that the he only way to stop a bully is to stand up to him.  Show him or her, as the case may be, that that crap doesn’t float with me.  I’m not encouraging throwing hands or going to war but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.  With some bullies that’s the only thing they know.  A large part leading to the unfortunate circumstances of what occurs after a bully has set his sights on someone and the victim does something drastic, is that the young generation today is soft.  By that I mean the majority of their interaction with others is through texts, tweets, twitter, e-mails, cell phones and etc.  Lack of face to face contact with others makes your social skills very lacking and when the online bullying starts and the pack mentality ensues the victim has no idea of how to react.  They feel sorry for themselves with the thought that everyone seems to be against them.  Some have ended their lives with this thought in mind.  Many have ended the lives of others.  There is no doubt in my mind that a bully online is a totally different bully than in person.  I’d bet he’s a bit more brave online.  Generations back there was no electronic communication devices outside of phones so interaction was in person.  When disagreements occurred they were settled, without adult intervention, and usually no punches were thrown.  How many social skills were learned by young people on the sandlot just playing and interacting with others?  Young folks learned others personalities, how to negotiate, so to speak, a settlement when a rift did occur.  When you got picked last or not at all for something, you learned to get over it.  You’ll learn no social skills sitting in front of an X Box or on a computer or cell phone.  Parents need to quit buying this crap, stop protecting their children and get them out into society.  Society and the ills that accompany it will prepare them for life.  I see the side effects of this lack of interaction in society and daily life occurring with the workforce that’s now coming into place in America.  These potential employees have a hard time having someone tell them what to do, regardless of what it is or how their approached.  There are many horror stories of workplace violence as well.  Why are all these young people taking guns to school?  Why indeed?  Because their soft.  They can’t cope.  They have not interacted with others enough to learn to cope with all the ups and downs of everyday life much less the workplace, school, teachers, bosses, co-workers, fellow students and etc.  If someone sends a bullying e-mail why wouldn’t the person receiving it get to the bottom of it in person?  No, today’s generation just fires off an e-mail in return, and so it continues until others join in the melee and in some cases all this piling on has ended in tragedy.  My God I know a few people if you sent a bullying e-mail to you’d better grows eyes out the back of your head.  There would be no back and forth e-mails.  Bullying is not going anywhere anytime soon, it’s going to continue.  Stand up to it in person.  Parents teach and prepare your children and stop protecting them from society.


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Enjoy the Journey….

Good read.

Enjoy the Journey.  It’s a phrase I use every day of my life now, especially when I get caught up in the everyday details of work. So often we forget to take a step back and enjoy the day we’re having, the conversation we are engaged in, the moment we are enjoying with our family or friends. Are we always so busy checking our phones for texts and emails that we forget to appreciate the good things that are happening right in front of us?

I’ve found that by Enjoying the Journey, I hold myself accountable in a positive ways. For instance, it forces me to take stock of where I am, where I’ve come from, and the progress that has been made. Too often we live in the future, worrying about the next meeting, the next assignment, the next message we must get to. We are often so eager to get to the end that we forget to appreciate what’s going on around us. In the words of Ernest Hemingway: “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

Here are three things I’ve been doing to Enjoy the Journey:

  1. Keep a journal. Three of four times a week I’ll sit down for just 15 minutes or so and record what’s been happening in my life; and, more importantly, I’ll note what I’ve learned from it. I put tickets to sporting events and plays in the journey, notes from friends, and currency from countries I visit. I’ll include photos to remember a holiday or a dinner with a friend. And every now and then I page through the journal as a reminder of where I’ve been and how I became who I am now.
  2. Ruminate with trusted advisors.  If they are true friends, your best and most trusted advisors will always be honest with you. They are on the journey with you and want you to be successful and happy.  And when I have ideas — and I have a lot!—they help me decide if they are viable and on target with my core goals. All of this helps me keep things in perspective.
  3. Include your family. My wife Heidi is my north star, my rock of Gibraltar. Without her and my four kids there would be no reason to be on this journey. Too often we separate our home and work lives, but I’ve found we are happiest when we take our families along on our journeys. Taking time to reminisce and dream out loud with your loved ones can be the sweetest part of life.

I understand that “Enjoy the Journey” may sound pretty simple, and it probably is. But those three words had a profound impact on me. Again and again they remind me to keep things in perspective, to be fully present, and to make sure I am headed in the right direction for happiness. As I write in my journal, council with friends, and include my family, I know my odds of enjoying the journey and enjoying my life increase exponentially.

Now, I’d be interested in the best advice you’ve ever received, and especially how you keep yourself on the right path in life.


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Snow Day Aftermath….

Snow Day!Why is it whenever snow is in the forecast for the south, people immediately empty out the grocery stores?  It’s a run on them.  “Better stock up on bread and milk” is the mantra.  Are they making milk sandwiches?  Pots of soups and chili suddenly spring from nowhere.  Mugs of hot chocolate, coffee or whatever brew themselves automatically.  It’s the law.  I guess snow brings on hunger.  Go figure.  The Weather Channel even broadcasts the grocery stores shelf inventories.  The Weather Channel does this?!?

Watching the Weather Channel on occasion cracks me up.  Regardless of the weather that’s brewing, snow, hurricane, heat or whatever they always do their best to make it worse than what it probably is.  Right now it’s crippling ice that’s coming.  Crippling I tell you!  This is the worst ice storm since, well ever.  This is it!  Storm Pax?  Since when did they start naming winter storms and what is a Pax?  After a few minutes of listening you would think it’s going to come right in the house and drag you out by your heels.  They show “LIVE” shots of roads with no cars, or some cars, but no matter what it’s treacherous going and how wise you are to not be out in it, like they are.  What troopers. They show before shots of roads with lots of cars on them and after shots with none.  Hello, this is a traffic report!  Last storm how many pictures of the Atlanta traffic jam did you see on The “WEATHER” Channel?  If the Weather Channel broadcast only weather reports it would not be a 24 hour channel.  However the one thing I have learned from the Weather Channel is that if you see Jim Cantori in your neighborhood, you’re in for some heavy crap!

Snow cream?  Who thought of this?  I lived in Northern Michigan for 18 years and not one time did it ever occur to me, my friends, family or anyone to make snow cream.  The only time you ever ate snow was when someone washed your face with the stuff or you caught a snowball in the kisser.  That’s about it.  We were told by teachers and parents alike, not that we listened, not to eat the filthy stuff.  It picks up all sorts of pollution and crap floating in the atmosphere on it’s track down to earth.  I looked on-line and no one recommends eating it.  I did see Jethro on the Beverly Hillbillies Show making and eating it one time.  Snow cream?  Jethro Bodine?  I guess that seems about right.

If a good packing snow falls, about 50 snowmen will miraculously appear all around town. Usually it’s a leaf filled snowman because there is seldom enough snow to cover the ground and rolling snowball without a few leaves in it is near impossible.  I have seen a few snowmen that the builders worked overtime on as the size of the man far outweighed the snow on the ground.  Way to go!

When I was a kid a snow day was a day dedicated to being outside playing in it.  The more that fell, the better.  The nastier the storm the more fun it was. Trying to find deep drifts.  Outdoor places to shelter from it.  New higher snow banks in which to fight over (king of the mountain), sled down and tunnel through was the order of the day.  I shudder when I think back about some of the tunnels I crawled through that I shouldn’t have.  When I was out today scouting about I think I saw only about 4-5 kids just walking around looking.

I remember when snow season came you had to put snow tires on your car?  Do you?  No you don’t.

Ok let get down to brass tacks here.  Face it, the only reason most folks get so excited about snow and gloom and doom is “They don’t have to go to work”!!!  Right?


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Field of Dreams….

"The Big House"

“The Big House”

My neighbor is one of those guys who cuts his lawn every Sunday morning like a good heathen should.  Hey I live in the south and anything outside of making a green bean casserole categorizes you as a heathen if you do it on Sunday.  Anyway this dude is the type that cuts it in different patterns, against the grain in different directions in order to make it look like a playing field.  Sad part is, he’s pretty good at it, he has an in ground sprinkler system and it pisses me off.  Football fields across the land exhibit some of the most remarkable designs, not grass cutting so to speak, but the logos, the school colors and the general designs are what  fascinate me.  I love to look at a manicured football fields when not in use, their beautiful.  Something majestic about them.  Something solemn as well when no one is around.  Michigan’s field is beautiful, not because I’m a fan, but look at the beauty of the colors, so vibrant.  The maize block “M” at midfield and the word Michigan adorning each end zone, laying on top of a bright green turf.  Tennessee has the checkerboards in each end zone.  Pretty unique really.  BoiseState has the blue rug.  One of a kind yes, but it gives me the feeling of impending bad weather.  Lots of universities choose to have the schools name in one end zone and the team name in the other.  No problem with that.  Remember tartan turf.  Nothing more than a rubber mat.  How many knees did that crap screw up?  I will say that sometimes less is more and simplicity can sometimes speak volumes.  With that said I throw up in my mouth a little bit every time I think about this, but I like the end zones at Notre Dame.  The angled lines go back to a time when the game was played without facemasks.  That’s throw back right there.  And like my neighbor’s lawn, playing fields are to be admired from afar, not walked on.  At least until the first of September.


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Looks Like We Made it….

This is my life as a young boy!


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