Old Oaken Bucket List

I don’t know when I’ll ever be able to make good on any of these, retirement sounds about right.  But it’s fun dreaming up and thinking about somethings that you’d like to do.  I’ll add to this list time to time to be sure, what I’m not sure of is when and if I’ll ever cross one off.

1.  Take a helicopter ride.  Doesn’t have to be long, just up and about for 10-20 minutes.

2.  Hike on the Appalachian Trail.  Hike as long as I feel up to it, maybe just an afternoon.

3.  Visit the Museum of American History in Washington DC.

4.  Attend a Football Game at Notre Dame Stadium.  Preferably against Michigan!

5.  Drive on Route 66.  Maybe just an afternoon stopping and touring.

6.  Visit the reading room of the main branch of the New York public library.

7.  Drive “The Dragon’s Tail”.  300+ turns in 11 miles of road, enough said!

8.  Finish reading the Bible.

9.  Read 400 books.

10.  Visit 40 states.  Five minute visits count.

11.  Go on a 2-3 week road trip.  No interstates, all highways, backroads and secondary highways.

12.  Take a train trip.  Ride wherever, spend a few day(s), ride home.

13.  Do the Lake Huron or Lake Michigan Circle Tour.

14.  Attend at least one round at The Masters Golf Tournament.  (COMPLETED)

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