This is a list of states I’ve visited if even only for a moment.  Like to get one more under my belt, that would be half of the continential 48.

Side note:  A friend of mine was telling me of the time he was looking at a map of the United States with his young daughter.  Hawaii being in the bottom left hand corner of the map with an inset of Alaska near it.  His daughter exclaimed that she could not undertsand how come Alaska was so cold and Hawaii so warm when they are right next to one another.

1.  Alabama

2.  Connecticut

3.  Delaware

4.  District of Columbia

5.  Florida

6.  Georgia

7.  Illinois

8.  Indiana

9.  Kentucky

10.  Maryland

11.  Massachusetts

12.  Michigan

13.  Missouri

14.  New Jersey

15.  New York

16.  North Carolina

17.  Ohio

18.  Pennsylvania

19.  South Carolina

20.  Tennessee

21.  Virginia

22.  West Virginia

23.  Wisconsin


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