About Me

name:  Steve

married:  Kristie (30 years)

children:  Jill

pets:  Jake, miniature Schnauzer (see above pic)

clubs:  Kiwanis International, DHS Booster Club, Brotherhood of St. Andrew

born:  Alpena Michigan.  Quiet little town that is a good place to raise a family, however it is economically depressed.  Sure there are factories there but you would have to kill someone or be strong family to get in.  Good place to visit in the summer time as  there is always something going on and the weather is wonderful.  Growing up there was great.

current location:  South Carolina

occupation:  QA / ISO Management Representative for a corrugated carton and display manufacturer.  This position is a thankless one as anything that goes wrong eventually comes back and goes through me.  The company is a good strong solid manufacturer and pays me well, but I earn it buddy, I earn it!

interests:  Michigan Wolverine Sports, woodworking, reading, coin and currency collecting, traveling, going to “The River”.

favorite TV shows:  College Football, 60 Minutes, Modern Marvels, Seinfeld, Family Guy, American Pickers, Diners-Drive Ins & Dives, New Yankee Workshop, American Greed, Clark Howard Show, Storage Wars, CBS Sunday Morning, Mystery Detectives.

favorite movies:  Awakenings, The Shawshank Redemption, The Outlaw Josey Whales, Escape from New York, Godfather I & II, Napoleon Dynamite, The Outsiders, American Graffiti, Boyz In The Hood, March of the Penguins, Dragnet, Warriors.

Why did I start this blog?  The challenge of setting up a website was killing me.  Sure I could have started a Facebook page, it’s basically the same thing, but someone had already done that for me.  Steve Zee, look it up.  Facebook is a fine thing, my wife and daughter love it, but it is time consuming replying and keeping up with all the folks you never see.  Facebook is a fill in the blanks type thing and I wanted to create a website myself, it may look like crap but I created it.  I will not use the word “blog” again, it is the lazy man’s way of saying web log and does not sound complimentary or inviting .  “Website” or “web log” will be term of reference to this internet address.  Feel free to correct me if you see it here again.  Stop back time to time as a lot of editing goes on, even on past posts, I usually forget something and add it later.  Oh yes, comments are more than welcome, I can take it.

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