Damn Can I Pick Em Or What….

Way back on February 2, 2011 I wrote about the mirror comparison between boxing great Mike Tyson and golfing great Tiger Woods.  I noticed a similarity between their careers, their downfalls and the people around them.  To quote a paragraph from that story;

“Earl Woods, Tiger’s father, molded Tiger into the greatest player at anything on the planet.  Earl kept him grounded, kept him hungry, but most importantly kept him on the straight and narrow.  Early died almost two years ago and while it took a bit to catch up with Tiger, it still did.  The man who kept him focused was gone and Tiger spread his wings and now he is paying dearly.  Tiger then parted ways with Butch Harmon his golf coach.  Butch was with him from the beginning of his pro career and now all of a sudden he is out of the picture.  The only thing left is Steve Williams his caddie and he will be no match for Tiger’s wants or needs.”

Well today it happened.  Tiger and his caddie have parted ways.  I cannot imagine Tiger ever being the great he once was and like I said then he does have the talent.  I once thought he would blow away Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors, but now, even though he is only 4 to tie and 5 to beat, it I’m fairly convinced he won’t do it.

It’s a sad end really and I guess it’s not really the end, but in my book the saga and comparison just ended it for me.  Sure I’ll watch and see what he does in the golfing world, and everyone else will as well.

One thought on “Damn Can I Pick Em Or What….

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