A Tribute To,,, The Burger….

"Bow before your God!"

It’s about time we show our respect to an American tradition and I’m just the one to do it!  Anyone who knows me knows I love hamburgers.  If they were any better they would replace baseball as the national past time.  Hell I like em better than baseball!  As far as food goes for me there’s not much that beats a good burger.  On any given night burgers on the grill at my house is not too far fetched, it ain’t a weekend thing.  A burger can be prepared in so many different ways yet remains simple in it’s concept.  Meat and condiments between bread.  That’s it.  Who thought of that?  It starts at and revolves around the meat.  I don’t want a steak burger.  I don’t want an Angus burger.  I want hamburger meat.  Hamburger meat that has a bit of fat content is a must.  Why have a burger if it’s not juicy?  You can leave that lean stuff in the store, I want it dripping down my arms when I bite it.  If you can think ahead, marinating them in worchester and teriaki then adding a sprinkle of garlic powder will make an afternoon of waiting seem like an eternity.  It adds to the juiciness too.  I really don’t have a favorite everytime way of topping them, it’s just a mood at the time type thing.  Different day, different toppings.  Like I said I love them all ways, but when I want to really dress it up and do something extra I go for the grilled onions and top it with slightly melted provolone cheese.  We don’t do it often but when we do it’s about 20 minutes of sheer enjoyment.  I could go on and on about all the ways and combinations of toppings but I know I would miss one a feel bad about it later.  Now burgers don’t have to be done only on the grill outdoors, the flattop grill and even pan frying has a place and time.  Pan frying does come in a distant third through and we don’t have a flattop grill at the house, so the outdoor grill rules at home.  Not to change the subject but, why does beer taste better by a smoking grill?  I dunno.  Pan frying is for like cold rainy nights.  And I only say the flattop because I know several joints that have a mean flattop grilled burger.  I know a lot, a lot, of burger joints.  Patting them out to the proper thickness is a kinda have to be there type thing.  I really can’t explain it but it doesn’t have to be a foot thick.  The burger patty must meet or exceed the diameter of the bun regardless of size.  Ever take a big bite and hit all bread?  What a downer.  The bun has to be fresh, that goes without saying.  Why go to all the work a simple burger causes then have a bun a few days past it’s prime?  I don’t need the oversized gormet buns, regular size is fine, it’s all about what’s between them anyway.  In some cases they put sesame seeds on a bun?  You can’t taste them and what is a sesame anyway?  Whatever it is they got seeds.

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