Just a feeling….

You come home from work, school, play or wherever and as soon as you open the door you can sense trouble.  You walk into a room and instantly you have a feeling of the situation there.  You don’t know what it is but you can tell it ain’t good and your just hoping it’s not you at the center.  Ofcourse the feeling can go the other way as well, sensing a feeling of harmony in the air.  That feeling, that sense, is called vibe.  The person or people there send it, airwaves actually carry it, and you recieve it.  Just like a radio.  I am a firm believer in vibe!  A major believer!  Meeting someone new usually gets a feeling of goodwill or uneasyness.  I guarantee you know people now who you have known for years and you still get an uneasy feeling around them.  I do.  Why is that?  I consider them friends and they have never wronged me but at the same time there is still that nervous tension.  A study was done years ago in the Iowa area on transcendental meditation where 3000 volunteers meditated positive thoughts over a three month period to see if there were any noticable social differences during the meditation period.  Statistics were gathered beforehand on the crime rates of murder, robberies, rapes, assualts etc.  Every statistic to a tee decreased during the mediatation time and returned shortly after the mediatation period was over.  Holy crap!  Coincidence, I think not.  Church is a good place where vibe plays a big role.  Going to church often is very good for your soul, but the vibe received there does a vast amount of good for your well being, and at the same time the vibe you send does the others a world of good.  How many times have you heard older folks say “keep a good thought”?  What great advice.  Start paying attention to the vibe around you and it will surprise you of how much a role it will play in your life once it becomes a part of your awareness.

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