Let Me Give You a Tip Part II….

I forgot something from a previous post about tipping and couldn’t find just the right spot to squeeze it in doing an edit.  It kind of needs it’s own blurb anyway.  It involves an object I call the “c’mon give me a break jar”.  I find it curious a person could put one up and keep a straight face with it in plain view and with a customer standing in front of them.  Have you guessed?  The tip jar.  You know the jar we’re supposed to put money in for the people who process our orders AT THE COUNTER!  We come to them.  They didn’t wait on us or come to our table and yet they still want a tip.  How about the convenience store tip jar?  How about the tip jar for the eager young going off to college student.  I write this only because a few nights ago when picking up an order I saw it.  It was right in front of me, with it’s mouth wide open wanting my change.  But as curiousity goes I looked inside and there laying amongst the littered bills and change was a $10 bill.  A ten spot!  Holy crap could someone really have dropped a ten in a counter tip jar?  It must have been a employee set up trying to make me feel cheap.  Anyway needless to say my change did not fall on top of it.

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