Don’t condemn yourself….

Most everyday I pass by these two houses in particular.  One is a two story fairly large home and right next door is a duplex with two apartments.  Everyday I see the deterioration of these homes more and more.  They are physically falling apart in front of me and I only see them for a few seconds at a time.  Well it finally happened.  The large two story home now has a condemned sign on it and the front door is boarded shut.  A short time later one of the apartments in the duplex ended up with the same fate.  Signed and boarded.  Now ordinarily that would not surprise anyone, however these homes were occupied right up until the time they were signed and boarded.  These places were not inhabited by the handicapped or elderly, there were active adults about.  I saw them.  Hanging out appearently doing nothing.  For God’s sakes vacant homes last longer.  How in the hell can you live in a place and it gets physically worse each day and you not do anything about it?  Not do anything about it to the point where it gets condemned!  I contend that the folks living there did not do anything to keep it up, and certainly not better it, because they would get the feeling that the other folks living there were getting over on them.  You see where I’m going?  They would sooner it fall down around them than have the feeling they were being played as a sucker by their co-inhabitors because they tidied up a bit.  If your living with them they are either family or close friends and it’s unbelievable, certainly to me, that neither will lift a finger for their own benefit fearing someone else may benefit as well.  Or am I nuts?  I’d give a dollar to tour these homes the day they get condemned and see how some people don’t mind living.

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