Rosie’s Leaving….

"You may need this!"
“You may need this!”

Rosie’s gone.  Too bad, so sad!  Earlier this week I saw a list of all the folks who were leaving if Donald Trump were elected President.  Breaking news; Rosie’s had a change of heart.  Of course she did, where else is she going to be able sit her ass in a chair and give her view, of which no one with a smidge of sense is wowed by, of current issues.  Oprah said she’s decided to stay as well since Donald and Barack have spoken. That and she racks in several million dollars a day in royalties.  This list, who I don’t know compiled it, is like someone said, “Steve make us a list of all the folks we need to deport.  It’s the dream list.  C’mon, Al Sharpton, Whoopie Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Chelsea Handler, Cher, and about 20 others.  What’s not to like?  Chelsea Handler???  Who the heck is that?  Other than Samuel L. Jackson and maybe Oprah, almost all, regardless of their talent, really garner no respect from anyone with working grey matter.  Sidebar notes here; IMHO Oprah took part in starting the last eight years this country had to hold its collective breath through.  Anyway we need to let other countries know about the mass exodus these loyal Americans plan on taking.  My only hope is they burn their pass ports once they get where they’re going.  If even half leave I’ll hoist a beer to their departure.  Ta ta.

Rioting in the streets over an election?  Rioting!  It’s hard to fathom people with such rage within them over an election that didn’t go their way.  I’ve voted in every election since Jimmy Carters win and only voted for the winner about half the time and I didn’t feel the need to burn and loot.  So be it, let’s move on.  I can’t imagine anything I feel so strongly about that it would cause me to protest.  But I was raised to respect the law and expect life to get in the way every now and then.  The millennials who fear the destruction of the country are now destroying it because they don’t like our new leader.  Chanting “no justice no peace” is pitiful, almost embarrassing.  Their civil rights weren’t violated.  They simply didn’t get their way!  If I marched every time I didn’t get my way I’d burn up a lot of shoe leather.  The footage of these self-entitled young people is priceless; most of them are holding a sign in one hand and videoing with a cell phone in the other?  So stupid.  These same young people who were told by mommy and daddy yes at every turn, who got a trophy for showing up, who were spared the rod, who don’t know the difference between entitlement and privilege, who were given a hand out rather than an allowance, who were told they could be anything they wanted to be but probably have no aptitude for anything other than the ability to push buttons on an Xbox or a smart phone, don’t know what to do now that someone has said no to them.  How they fit all that rioting and looting into their work schedule is beyond me.  They must be using vacation time.  Not!  Millions of dollars in damage and now its confirmed most arrested are not even from the areas of the disturbance and didn’t vote in the election.  Just proves the old adage that a dog doesn’t crap where he eats.  To boot, our current President and the soundly defeated Mrs. Clinton have not had the self-respect to ask them to stop this foolishness.  NOT ONE WORD!!!  They sit in stunned silence while Rome burns.

Colleges and teachers actually canceled classes, postponed mid-terms, so students could mourn the loss.  Reasoning the students wouldn’t be able to concentrate.  HOLY SHIT!  Are you kidding me?  What does that say about the administrations of these schools, much less the coddled students who are mourning?  Boohoo kiddies.  Get mommy and daddy to wipe your tears too.

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