No Justice, No Peace….

As of late one protest seems to spark another and the whole nation holds in collective breath every time you hear of a police action against an African American for whatever reason.  The marchers in these so called “protest marches”, which for the most part so far; have been just lead-ins to rioting and looting.  I’m OK with marching peacefully to get your point across but that point goes away real quick when you start looting and burning down the businesses and buildings around you, and in your own neighborhood to boot.  Figure that out.   Many of the protester walk along with their hands in the air mimicking the act of being arrested.  Seems to me that if the people their marching for would have done this when officers initially came to confront them, the minor situations which the police were there for would not had gotten out of control resulting in their deaths.  The man in New York City selling bootleg DVD’s or CD’s decided instead of being arrested and paying a small fine, he would fight five cops.  If you decide to fight five cops “YOU WILL LOSE”!  The SC man, who instead of sitting in his car as told to do so, decides to run.  Did I mention he was a wanted felon?  The young man in Fergusen MO who had just committed a strong arm robbery disregards an officers request to get out of the street decides a confrontation with him would be a better option.  It goes on and on.  The solution to all this is pretty simple really.  If a cop tells you to stop, you stop.  If he tells you to stand over there, you stand over there.  Stay in your car, stay in your car.  Not too hard.  All of these incidents as far as I can tell were pretty minor situations that as a result of the perpetrators actions escalated out of control.  So doesn’t it look a bit silly to be walking down the street with other protesters with your hands in the air which if that action would have happened in the first place they wouldn’t be marching and looting?  I want to say it’s almost ironic, it’s not, it’s sad.  The people of Baltimore kind of saw this and the protests and looting which happened, terrible as it was, were over quickly as the residents realized this was not the answer.  People we need the police.  As bad as some want to say we don’t, and show no respect for, we need them!  Recently a black sportscaster, a very outspoken sportscaster, said, “go ahead and take the police out of the hood, in two weeks it will be like the wild west and you’ll be begging for them to come back”.  Right now it’s all quiet on the western front.  I hope the spark of protest doesn’t return.

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