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The NFL recently lost a lawsuit brought on by former players who are now suffering medical problems due to their playing days. The one billion dollar judgment was awarded after the courts ruled that the NFL did a poor job in awareness towards the players in not warning them to the possibilities of concussions and the effects from them. I know football players are stereotyped as not being too bright and this does nothing to improve that status that’s been placed upon them. The most violent sport in the world and you have to tell them that concussions could occur?!? Is the NFL now going to bring awareness to the possibilities of every injury that could occur while playing since these guys can’t seem to figure it out for themselves.

Whatever happened to the days when we target practiced anything and the target was a series of colorful circles with a “bull’s-eye” in the center. Now the target is the outline of the top half of a human torso. Not only that but the vital areas, or kill zones, score higher. Unlike the series of circles where the closer you got to the center the higher the score. Don’t you think in some small way this desensitizes us to shooting another human being just a little bit? Don’t think about it, your damn right it does!

The most valuable thing I carry with me every day, like most people, is a wallet. In it you will find among other things, debit and credit cards, drivers license, social security card, medical cards, etc etc. All are pretty valuable things in the wrong hands and a royal pain if they are lost or stolen. All the phone calls and trips here and there to get them replaced and getting the cards shut down before any major financial damage is done. Not to mention all the calls and trips if you don’t. Yet I don’t physically carry it in my hand all day to ensure it’s safety. What am I getting at? Many people carry a cell phone in their hand all day like it holds global secrets. Lose a cell phone, it’s one trip to the phone store at best. Go figure that out?

Even though what happened in Baltimore was bad for a day or so I think some good did come of it. Many folks stood up to the looters, sided with the police in their actions, got out and cleaned up immediately afterward, and one woman was shown on TV beating the crap out of her son when she observed him acting out against them. Yes it was bad and shouldn’t have happened in the first place, but a lot of good came from it as well. Sometimes you have to go backwards before you can go forward. Maybe the tide turned just a little bit. Hope so anyway.

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