It Must Come Down….

100_3406.jpg thCAH6G1EAThis past week traveling I happened upon and heard a fellow in North Carolina say that “he didn’t care if it was outlawed, that flag was going to fly at his house”. Of course the flag he was talking about the Confederate Flag. I looked at him rather confused and had to think for a moment if I had missed something. He just stared blankly at me waiting to see what I would say at his perceived defiance to the law. I thought do I tell him or let him go on believing. I figured if I told him he may get offended, but ignorance like that may be worth the expression on his face upon hearing the truth. I said “it’s not against the law to fly the flag, the only place it cannot be put up was at the State House, fly it all you want”. He shifted his weight to his other leg and when he went to speak nothing came out. I’ve heard quite a number of speeches as to why the flag must come down and those speeches always centered on symbolism. Not one person I ever heard gave the history of the flag, just what it had come to represent. Lack of education was why the flag came down. I don’t really have a dog in this fight and whether it fly’s proudly in the South Carolina sky over the State House I cannot comment strongly on either way. I do feel though that the reason was hate. The flag as we all know was turned into a symbol of hatred, on both black and white sides, and that was the real reason it was taken down. I do believe the only flags that should fly over the State House in any state are that state’s flag and the American Flag. After the Charleston shooting the people there acted in a manner that we all should be proud of. That incident could have gone bad in so many ways. The aftermath resulted in the flag being removed. If the people who removed it think for a moment that removing it is going to stop the violence going forward they should be removed from office. You see the shooter had a picture of himself posing with the Confederate Flag so I guess the logic is you remove the flag you remove violent people like him from society?!? Really? Let’s say I’m a lunatic and that flag was the symbol of my hatred or beliefs, now you removed it. Do you think that’s going to make me happier or more prone to a violent outburst? As of today the flag has been down for about six weeks and the number of shootings, whether individual incidents or in mass has not let up that I can tell. I don’t have the numbers but I’d say there’s been no drop off. After all the fuss and muss about its removal, including the woman who climbed the pole to get it down, the removal itself was pretty much said and done quickly, really anticlimactic when you think about it.

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