Capitol One Bowl Week, It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year….

I think there are somewhere around 38 bowl games this year. Some want to get rid of the lesser bowl games.  Why?  Let the kids who sweated all fall go on a trip, usually somewhere warm, play football, and have some fun.  It’s a reward for the work.  The players act like the just won the National Title when they win one of these so called lesser bowls.  I say let capital-one-bowl-2010em have the fun!  With the football playoffs at 4 games, these lesser bowls still have meaning to the people who particiapte in them.  If the masses have their way and we go to 8 teams or even 16 teams in the playoffs, the tradition of the bowls is over.  My opinion, anything after 4 teams in the playoff crowns a tournament champion, not a real National Champion based on their season’s play.  But that’s just me.  I enjoy the Utah’s, the Utep’s, the Bowling Greens etc etc etc, the minor bowl games and so forth.  As College football gets closer and closer to the edge of ruin I’m just trying to enjoy what is left and what it was built upon.

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