Deju Vu All Over Again….

2AA State Champs make their entrance!!!
2AA State Champs make their entrance!!!

One of the hardest things a Wildcat fan had to do all afternoon was leave the facility after the game.  On the flip side the Wildcat team did pretty much what they wanted to do.  After an ominous start on the opening kickoff, which went for a Newberry td, the Cats settled in, took control and only a few minutes later returned the favor.  Whenever they had to do something they did it, never allowing the hole to get dug deeper.  A Newberry drive to the one yard line that was threatening to bring the game to a one score affair resulted in a fumble that turned into a 99 yard TD run for the Cats.  Players are always coached to fall on a fumble, don’t try and pick it up and run as trying to pick it up usually results in giving it right back.  On this day the God’s smiled on #36, Randall Davis who may be the fastest defensive player, he got to glide down the eastern sidelines for a memory maker.  Avery McColl, not having thrown but one interception all season, nearly threw a pick six on his first throw of the second half.  His second pass was almost just a regular interception.  Other than that he was the usual Avery McColl, fast, elusive and dead on target throwing.  Dillon kept a two touchdown lead most of the way then bumped it to three early 3rd quarter and whenever Newberry scored Dillon returned the favor to keep it at three.  Midway through the 4th quarter the wheels pretty much fell off for the Bulldogs.  The Newberry QB was fast and a bit slippery, their fullback was a beast but their highly touted team size did not live up to the hype of being able to push teams around.  At least not this Wildcat team.  Dillon was the better team on this afternoon.  My opinion was Dillon had an easy road to the Championship and that could have made them soft but they played hard and thoroughly beat the best the upstate had to offer.  This whole day was a great send off for Coach Gerald Reeves who leaves the coaching staff  after 40+ years.  Enjoy your retirement Coach.  This program will miss you.

"Let's get this thing started!"  First play of the game.
“Let’s get this thing started!” First play of the game.

Folks are already thinking about next year and who’s coming back, who we play etc, etc.  People let it sink in and enjoy this one for a while! Riverbluff has a very nice facility, and it sure gives you time to think when you’re trying to leave.

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