You know I’m no fan….

I’m no fan of Nancy Grace by any stretch of the imagination.  She is the definition of tabloid television I don’t care what you say. She exploits the victims and accused, in my opinion, to further her shows ratings.  How come everything on the screen, no matter the importance, is “Breaking News”?  One thing I always joke about is to never trust anyone with two first names, well I may make an exception in this case.  Nancy has also proclaimed herself the “advocate for justice”.  Recently she went behind bars of soome prison to interview a group of women inmates.  I have no idea what they did but these ladies were all tattoos and very heavy makeup.  Female thugs most would say.  Anyway in the commercials they all ended up crying and it gets very emotional.  Two thoughts pop to mind.  One, on the outside Nancy would be crucifying these same ladies for whatever they did night after night if given the chance.  And two, if she is the real “advocate for justice” why is it she never sides with the defendant.  Hell, there are innocent people being accused of wrong doing.  Face facts if your being tried for anything and Nancy is in the courtroom your dead meat.


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