Happy children do not drop out. Patrica Has It Going On Part I….

Below is the first of two editorials that I not only found most interesting, but are two of the best I’ve ever read.  This woman simply states the obvious, why don’t we see it?  Read on, there is nothing I can add.  I will not post Patrica’s last name for obvious reasons, but she’s got it right.

Happy children do not drop out of school.

This is what our schools need now to lower the dropout rate.  Move students from classrooms where they are working on their frustration levels to appropiate classrooms where they can be comfortable and learn.  Too many of our students are working on their frustration levels in their class work as well as the frustration level of their homework.

Keep kindergardeners in kindergarden for two years when they are not developed enough mentally to be ready to learn and to succeed in the first grade.  Only place a child in a special needs class after they have been in kindergarden for two years unless they are physically disabled to prevent participation in a regular classroom.

Make kindergarden instruction time short.  At the present time in the “Imagine It” program the instruction time is much too long and is inappropiate for the attention spans of small children.

Children are not little adults and should not be treated as “little adults”.

Play time should be increased by 600%.  At the present time the children get 10 minutes of play time after lunch.  Children need a break of free play for 30 minutes in the afternoon plus their scheduled lunch time.  This would result in fewer children being on ADD drugs.

Bible story books on the childs level should be provided by the private sector and delivered to the home.  If Dolly Parton can deliver pre-school books to the home, the private sector should be able to deliver Bible story books to the home.  Children are born with a void in their heart that only Christ can fill.  Children need the gospel to be able to cope in life instead of turning to cigarettes, dope, alcohol and sex.  A few good minds should be able to figure out how this can be done.

I would suggest that the parents of kindergardeners go to the school at 7:30 a.m. and sit in the kindergarden class room until 2:30 p.m.  Live a day in the life of your child and see how you like it.  Experience it for yourself how appropiate or inappropiate the demands are for your child.

Happy children do not drop out of school.


Second editorial to come soon.

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