Kid Gloves….

Now days with all the scares in the food and restaurant industry, precautions have to be taken to ensure we are getting nothing but the untainted food we expect.  I’ve noticed that more and more restaurants are now requiring the help to wear gloves to guard against cross contamination in food preparation.  Now wearing gloves seems like a good idea when handling food, but it still has a flaw.  If you are handling food with a new glove, then handle a spatula or piece of kitchen equipment or run the cash register or whatever, the purpose of wearing the glove has just gone out the window.  You’ve just cross contaminated not only the glove but everything you touched with it.  The purpose of the glove is to guard against this, is it not?

Here’s a bonus observation; the waitress who’s taking several plates of food to a table and the plates are stacked going up her arm, she might be carrying 4-5 plates.  Notice how many plate bottoms are touching the food on the plate below it.  Whatever was on the surface of where that plate was sitting, in now on the top of that food.  Maybe the plates should wear gloves.  I’ve worked in a restaurant and I could tell you stories of contamination that would…..

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