More Rambling….

You ever been past a carpet store that wasn’t having a sale of some sort?


Most used car lots are no longer used car lots, they are credit bureaus that sell cars on the side.  I talked to a dealer one time who told me he has sold certain cars 5 and 6 times. Sell it, repo it, sell it, repo it, sell it, repo it again and again.


Why is it when cars pass other cars on the highway they signal coming back in.  I can understand signaling to start the pass but I’m pretty sure everyone knows their coming back in.


If the money spent coloring everything pink in support of Breast Cancer were instead put toward Breast Cancer research we’d almost certainly be closer to a cure.


At what point in the seasons do we stop measuring wind chill and start measuring heat index, and vice versa.  Is there’s a certain temperature where it switches?  What temperature is it?  Why do the weather sites tell you what the temperature is, but also add what temperature it feels like???  Does that even make sense?


I can’t park worth a crap anymore.  I don’t care how well I think I have it lined up I get out and look and find it’s in the space crooked as a dog’s hind leg.  I’m not talking about parallel parking either, I’m talking straight in parking.

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