100 things that made or make College Football great….

This is a list of the things I love about College Football.  The things that have made and make this sport great.  If you’re familiar with these things, know when or where they occurred without it being explained to you, you may be able to call yourself a purest.  A purest is a person who loves the sport for more than just the current game on the set or the current bandwagon team they have jumped on.  A purest doesn’t hate other teams just because it’s not their team.  Without the other teams we don’t have the passion.  Without these things College Football isn’t what it is today.  College Football is more than wins and losses and the game of the moment.  It has character, it has a glorious past, and in some sad ways we are moving away from the things that shaped College Football.  This list could go on and on, and is in no particular order, except for no#1.

  1. Keith Jackson.  Whoa Nellie!  There will never be another.  The best College Football play by play sportscaster ever.  Period.
  2. The Tunnel.
  3. Linebacker  U.
  4. Nebraska vs Oklahoma.
  5. John Heisman / Trophy.
  6. The Bowl Games.  Every damn one.
  7. Knute Rockne.
  8. The Big House.
  9. The Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.
  10. War Eagle.
  11. Rocky Top.
  12. Uga.
  13. Bo Schembechler.
  14. Student Body Right.
  15. The 12th Man.
  16. The AP Poll.
  17. Auburn vs Alabama.
  18. The Old Oaken Bucket.
  19. Touchdown Jesus.
  20. Howard’s Rock.
  21. The Red River Shootout.
  22. The Coliseum
  23. Dotting the I.
  24. Chief Osceola.
  25. Woody Hayes.
  26. USC vs UCLA.
  27. The Snow Bowl.
  28. The Little Brown Jug.
  29. The Galloping Ghost.
  30. The Jump Around.
  31. Army vs Navy.
  32. The Purdue Drum.
  33. Senior Day.
  34. Tailgating.
  35. Bear Bryant.
  36. The All American Team.
  37. Top 25.
  38. The Cal Stanford Play.
  39. Marching Bands.
  40. Michigan vs Ohio State.
  41. Fight Songs.
  42. Bragging Rights.
  43. Ara Parseghian.
  44. The Cradle of Coaches.
  45. Sparty.
  46. The Goodyear Blimp.
  47. North South Game.
  48. M Go Blue Banner.
  49. Harvard vs Yale.
  50. Bobby Bowden.
  51. “Those Who Stay Will Be Champions”.
  52. Homecoming.
  53. Punt-rooski.
  54. The Student Section.
  55. The Conferences.
  56. The Apple Cup Game.
  57. Tom Harmon.
  58. Between the Hedges.
  59. The Sooner Schooner.
  60. Death Valley.
  61. The Rose Bowl.
  62. Bob Devaney.
  63. Paul Bunyan Trophy.
  64. Gameday Programs.
  65. Rivalry Weekend.
  66. The Rambin Wreck.
  67. Archie Griffin.
  68. Drum Majors.
  69. Halftime Shows.
  70. Ralphie the Buffalo.
  71. Blue Grey Game.
  72. The Iron Bowl.
  73. The Border War.
  74. Flutie to Phelan.
  75. Death Penalty at SMU.
  76. The Corp of Cadets.
  77. Conference Championships.
  78. Darrell Royal.
  79. “Play Like a Champion Today”.
  80. The Aggie Bonfire.
  81. Spring Games.
  82. The Swamp.
  83. Ragin Cajun.
  84. Texas vs Oklahoma.
  85. Mascots.
  86. The Golden Dome.
  87. Fumble-rooskie.
  88. Beamer Ball.
  89. The Magnolia Bowl.
  90. John Robinson.
  91. Cocky.
  92. Team Logos.
  93. Tailback U.
  94. Hook Em Horns.
  95. The Blue Rug.
  96. The Ring of Honor.
  97. Recruiting.
  98. Cheerleaders.
  99. Team Play by Play Announcers.

100. “Your Entry Here”.

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