Restaurant Rambling….

What did the world ever do before someone thought to put Ranch Dressing on, well, everything.  Sometimes I’m at dinner and they ask me if I want Ranch or Blue Cheese and for a moment I’m speechless because I don’t know why they are asking me that.  I guess I’m just old school, ya know, a Ketchup and Mustard guy.


A waitress commented yesterday, pretty much to the whole diner, that she was having a rough day and that her customers have got to be coming back for the food because her service was something she was struggling with at the moment.  Right you are babe.  Have you ever heard someone say “let’s go over to so and so’s, the food stinks but the service is great”.  On a side note, she’s not a bad waitress, and the food is good.


Most times when out to eat before I leave I’ll ask for an un-sweet tea to go.  I usually get un-sweet tea because here in the south if you order sweet tea you may get something that is closer to syrup than tea it’s so sweet.  I prefer to sweeten my own.  I carry a little crack bag of Spenda with me, that’s an inside joke.  Anyway every now and then the waitress will bring me the to-go cup, I’ll put one pack of sweetener in, mix it up, put the lid on and leave.  Only later to learn I sweetened a sweet tea, now that burns me up.  When will I learn to taste it beforehand.


Why is it when in a restaurant where you wait in line, with a big menu before you, waiting to order some folks don’t take the time to study it.  Then the big moment arrives to step up and order and their, um, um, let’s see, that looks good, do I like that.  Well I’ll tell you what, I don’t like it one bit!

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