Starting Season #21, And lovin it….

Dillon's leading runner!
Dillon’s leading runner!

Yes folks Friday night starts the 21st year of this man’s chaingang activities.  I have no idea the number of games that is.  I haven’t mised more than a few home games in that time, only a wedding, a funeral and couple out of town occasions have kept me away from the sidelines.  Name a better place to be at gametime!

Friday night will, what I hope, turn out to be the atmosphere that we had back in 1994 when the undefeated Dillon Wildcats and the Undefeated Hartsville Red Foxes met.  I have never been in a more electric sport environment before or since.  The players, crowd, bands etc were unbelieveable that night.  The vibe was incredible!

This Friday night it’s the #1 Ranked 2A team in SC, the Dillon Wildcats, verses the #1 ranked 4A team in NC, the Mallard Creek Mavericks.  Mallard Creek is also ranked among the top 25 teams in the NATION!

If I were you I’d leave home early for the game!

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