Rambling Once More….

A woman was recently awarded $775,000 after tripping at a Nevada casino.  What did she trip over you ask?  Worn carpet?  Loose floorboard?  Trash?  Wet pool deck?  No nothing the normal person would trip over.  She was awarded $775,000.00 for tripping over a speed bump, and a judge upheld it in his court.  You can’t even believe how head shaking that is to me.  I’ve tripped over speed bumps and I usually just look around to see if anyone saw it, never hit the ground like she did though.  My God I’m glad she didn’t encounter a curb on her way in.

Paula Deen was recently called a rasist for comments she made one time, yeah right, a long time ago.  Imagine that, an elderly southern white woman called racist.  Wow who’d of thought.

Here’s a snapshot of happens in one Internet minute:  639,800 GB of global IP data gets transferred.  Amazon rings up about $83,000 in sales.  More than 204 million emails are sent.  Around 20 million photos are viewed and 3,000 uploaded on Flickr.  There are 6 million Facebook views worldwide; 277,000 logins.  61,141 hours of music are played on Pandora.  More than 100 new LinkedIn accounts are opened.  6 new Wikipedia articles are published.  47,000 apps are downloaded.  There are 20 new victims of identity theft.  All that in one minute.

A few days ago a group of us from work went to lunch and as it happens sometimes we had to wait a few minutes to get served.  I’m not much of a waiter but I had no choice.  As we were leaving the waitress says; I apologize for the wait but for some reason we got hit all at once.  That was called lunch time miss.

Last weekend as my wife and I were getting ready to close up the condo and head for home she was about to cut off the water but before she did she asked me if I had to pee.  I reached into my pocket and pulled out my keys, looked straight at her and said “yes I have them there right here”.  The old hearing is slowly going away,  We laughed for 10 minutes!

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