Crossing Paths With Wildlife….

I think I can, I think I can!
I think I can, I think I can!

On my travels back and forth to work each day I usually have some sort of encounter with an animal or two.  Remember some time back I wrote about the little dog that was dropped off along the road and my adventures with him.  Good ending though as he was eventually rescued by someone.

I can’t begin to count the number birds that I have hit, holy smokes.  Now’s there’s something I wish I had a nickel for each time.  You ever see what a bird looks like when he hits your radio antenna.  It’s like a feather explosion, and the feathers are there for days sailing in the winds.  Of the many dogs I’ve encountered I’ve only interacted with two, and one actually hit me.  Ran right into the side of the car, I went back but couldn’t find him.  I guess it was a dog I only saw it out the corner of my eye, big and brown anyway.  The other was, get this, the local vet’s dog.  His, the dog’s, picture hangs in a local restaurant the vet owns and every time I go in I think to myself, “that’s right I ran that dog over”.  He did survive after an operation or two to straighten him out.  It’s his own fault though.  He had it made that day; he just doubled back after crossing in front of me and got it.  He busted up the plastic guard underneath my truck but I didn’t have the heart to ask the owner to pay for it.  I feel bad after hitting anything.  Squirrels are a challenge you never know where he’s going, hell I’m not sure he does.  Once he’s underneath the vehicle it’s all on him there’s no telling his next move.  Just steer straight ahead and hope.  Usually you have to check the rearview to see the aftermath.  Rabbits are about the same, fast but evasive.  The bump after hitting them is bigger though.  If their feet are so lucky why did they run the rabbit there attached to under my truck?  Good luck to em.  Deer, I’ve seen quite a few but no hits yet thank goodness.  That’s a show stopper.  Now turtles are my favorite, and I see a lot of them.  I always root for them to make it and I think they trust us to let them be.  They go directly across, you never see them wandering the centerline and they always duck their heads back in when you come along.  I try my best to dodge them, usually just running directly over them with wheels on both sides, and I notice that most everyone else does too.  I guess it’s that their minding their own business just wanting to get across, not bothering anyone and folks can empathize with that.  When you look back out comes their head and off they go.  I remember one early morning on this back road I came around this corner fast and the whole road was littered with ducks loitering on the road.  I guess they came from the pond right there and were warming their selves on the pavement.  A couple of them almost bought the farm that day, but I got through without incident somehow.  On my way home I noticed that they were not so lucky with another traveler as a few were no longer with us.  Well they were still there but in a rather ragged un-kept state, so to speak.  On a positive note, I haven’t encountered a snake yet this season and that’s just fine with me.

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