Not Me Officer….

Tuesday night Major League Baseball played their annual Allstar game.  I used to give a hoot, now I really don’t give a crap about all those overpaid self-entitled crybabies.  Anyway according to sportscenter about the fifth inning this young guy comes out of the stands running onto the field.   Security was on the ball, as they have to be now a days, and slammed his ass to the turf about the time he was closing in on second base.  Yer out!  So they cart his butt off and charge him with interruption / interferring with a sporting event.  The attendane that night was 45,147, I’ve got to figure 75% were in their seats and were witness to when the running man hit the field.  So the next day they take him in for his arraignment and he pleads “not guilty”!!!  Are you kidding me?  As baseball goes it doesn’t get much bigger outside of the World Series itself, and hell if he would have moved over to shallow center field he’d would have been smack dab in the center of the field.  Does no one take any kind of responsibility for anything they do today.  Not guilty!  Really?  He gets out of this one and I tell you, “it’s a free for all”.

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