That’s One Talented, Uh, Guy….

I was reading, or thumbing actually, through a weekly entertainment periodical at the beach recently and ran across an ad for one of the night clubs introducing it’s entertainment lineup.  Obviously you’d expect some band or group and the club of course would make it sound like if you missed this event you just suck!  Don’t remember the club name, not that it’s important here, but I guess times change and so do we because for the life of me the headliner was some guy the locals know and follow around to some extent.  Normally this would be no big deal a talented musician can’t help but draw a following, however this guy was a, are you ready, a DJ.  Really a DJ was the entertainment we should go see at this club.  I’m going to pay a cover charge to see the guy who puts the disc’s in the player and plays them.  Of course now a days this idiot usually spins a few real records and with the needle still in place moves the record back and forth, rather than letting it play the real music as it was intended, so the scratchy music is kind of zip zippy so to speak.  And the crowd goes wild.  I cannot figure out what this guy would do to entertain a club full of beautiful drunks for 5 or 6 hours.  After all how many ways can you push a compact disc player button and make a real record go zip zippy?  I did see a DJ not long ago trying to download songs from the Internet and play them on his laptop.  He had a great sound system but he had trouble from the get go.  Half songs were coming out, they would start and stop on their own, they’d would repeat over and over.  It was entertaining just to watch him struggle.  My wife thought he just wanted to have trouble so he could sing karaoke.  Maybe so because he seemed pretty comfortable doing that.  I wonder if I’ll see him in the entertainment periodical?

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