High On Health….

You ever wake up with aches and pains, or kinks that are just nagging you to no end?  Usually I just let the day wear on and it goes away, maybe just maybe if it gets to be persistent I’ll take an aspirin.  I know that’s living on the edge now a days but I’ll do it.  I have never said “ya know if I just smoked a joint the pain will ease off”.  I believe that smoking a joint makes all pains ease off, along with everything else, at least for a while.  But Steve isn’t smoking a joint illegal?  Not if you have a prescription for it it isn’t.  Yes we have reached the age of medical marijuana.  Hows that work on your insurance?  What’s the deductable?  Ah well light up and who cares.  Now if I go to the doctor and tell him of my ailments he’ll give me a precription for a pain reliever.  But I guess if the pain lingers long enough he’ll give me a prescription for marijuana, now yer talkin.  How that works I’m not exactly sure.  Do you have to go back a bunch of times before he says what he’s giving you isn’t working and then he moves up to the big leagues of wacky tobacky?  Every doctor worth his salt will do whatever he can to help you quit smoking, now he’ll write you a prescription to do so.  Let’s say someone is faking back pain just to get a prescription, I know that’s not likely to happen but let’s just say the doctor keeps giving him other pain relievers and isn’t getting around to the good stuff quickly enough for the patient.  Does the patient mention that medical marijuana might help, how does he know, or does the doctor say “nothing I’ve tried is working you may just have to smoke a joint”.  At this point the faker would have smile on his face plastic surgery couldn’t remove while the precription is being written.  I wonder how many refills you get with one?  “Better give me a few extras doc I’m having a party Friday night.”  Most of us when going off to get our prescription filled simply go to the pharmacy and hand it to the druggist and he does the rest.  You have no say other than generic or name brand and you may not get that.  When you get a medical marijuana prescription you get intimately involved, hands on so to speak.  From what I’ve seen on TV the medical marijuana store, or head shop as it’s commonly called, is like a jewelry store with all it’s trays of marijuana behind the jewelry case glass.  It’s like getting an open ended prescription for anything in the store.  The druggie, I mean druggist, gets them out for you to examine and you decide what one will fill the bill.  By the way in order to be a medical marijuana druggist you have to have long ratty hair, dress like you still live in the 60’s and bathing is optional.  He’ll say “this one here was grown in the rich soil of South America, it’s call mountain pleasure, two hits of this and you won’t know you have a back, much less have pain there”.  Must work though, did you ever hear a dealer say “my back is killing me”.  Are there medical marijuana equipment stores where you can buy, you know, bongs, rollin papers, lighters, roach clips, black light posters etc etc?  You know real medical supplies, no need for crutches, braces and all that other crap junking up the place.  Couldn’t you kill the same back pain with alcohol?  I wonder how long it will be before we have prescriptions for booze?  I’ve heard people say they use it for medicinal purposes, why not?  Imagine having an open ended prescription in a liquor store.

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