You Can’t Make This Up….

Remember a post or two back I said that parents need not turn a blind eye to the problems of their children, or others, if they deem that they may be a threat to society?  In December a young man, Sammy Chavez, was arrested in Oklahoma as he had planned an attack on his High School.  I believe he wanted to organize an assembly, then lock the doors to the gym and blast away.  Even going so far as planting bombs for when the police arrived.  He was trying to obtain diagrams of the facility and was actively recruiting help at school in carrying out his plan, also a bad idea as he was ratted out, thank God!  After his arrest his mother, Jesse, said he would never have done it, and that he liked to pull pranks like this.  He was just mad because he thought other students were talking about him behind his back.  Bad part is he had most of his plan written down, sorry mom but your damn blind, or an idiot.  They’re going to be talking about him behind his back now, unless he comes up with the one million dollar bail to get out of jail and back to school.  After all it was one big prank, right mom?


I think every school in America should have had an assembly the first of the year, reviewed the shootings and the other school crime issues that have occurred and face these young people and tell them; “this is our school”, “we are in this together”, “help protect it, and do whatever you have to do to protect it and those in it”, “there are more of us than there are of them”, and make it an us against them message.  There is strength in numbers.

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