Sports Rambling….

Did you know the National Hockey League was on strike?  Had I not heard this on ESPN I would not have known.  I’m sure all four of their fans are excited the strike has been settled.  The strike was over the split of the television revenue money.  Each side has decided to take a 50 -50 split.  Isn’t 50-50 where you start negotiations?  Then somewhere down the line someone gets mad, in this case the team, and locks the players out because they think they deserve more of the cash.  So they went on strike back in September and just now settled at a 50-50 split.

OK the College Football National Championship was played the other night matching up the #1 vs #2 teams in the country.  Regardless of who is #1 and who is #2, the winner will be #1 when it’s all said and done correct?  Wouldn’t it stand to reason the loser would be #2 if these are truely the two best teams in the country?  After it was over this year the winner was voted #1 and the loser was voted #4.  How would you like to be voted #2 at the end of the year and had not played in the championship?

Cyclist Lance Armstrong has long been accused of doping when he won six or seven Tour De France’s.  He fought and fought he had not, brought up all the drug testing he’d been through, and quit his charitable organization “Livestrong” in protest.  No no no was all we heard.  Now he’s going to come out and admit it.  Open window and toss respect out.  What a dip!

Watched an ESPN sports documentary the other night called “Broke”.  Did you know 75% of all sports athletes are broke five within years after leaving their sport.  Broke!

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