We Came Within A Whisker….

Denard and Michigan slips!

Eleven seconds hung on the clock and South Carolina finally got a lead they would not lose.  In a game where Michigan was not given much of a chance, eleven seconds was all that separated them from the win.  The offensive game plan was good mixing it up with Devin and Denard all over the place and with a few better thrown balls in the third we may have well tacked on another score and put it conceivably out of reach.  Denard was on the verge all day of scooting one to the house but was slipping and sliding all over the place early, still had a 100 yards rushing and is now the all time QB career rushing leader in NCAA history.  The defense gave up 4 big plays, a punt return for a TD and three long passes, take one or two of those away and it tilts the odds greatly in our favor.  Ifs and butts and a ref trying to give it to us didn’t work out but the heavily favored underdog damn near had it’s day.  Man how sweet that would have been!  Carolina’s great defensive lineman Jadeveon Clowney was held in check all day, he did have one monster hit and a fumble recovery which was huge at the time, but only had four tackles.  Hell he had six teammates that had that many or more yet he was player of the game.  Ace Sanders for Carolina scored three TD’s, two on passes and ran back a punt for a TD, to go along with nine catches for 92 yards, but Clowney gets the MVP.  Go figure that out.  That hit, which any lineman could make if he’s given a wide open run at the ball carrier, will do more for his career than anything else he’s done so far.  He self proclaimed himself a Heisman Trophy candidate for next year, I will be watching.

The season was kind of a bust I thought we’d go 9-3, better than 8-4 anyway.  Going into the bowl season we had lost to the #1, #2, #3 and the #10 team in the country, so the losses were to respectable teams and Michigan’s schedule was deemed the toughest in the nation.  We should have beaten Notre Dame, we only lost by 6 points, but with 6 turnovers that ain’t happening.  Should have beaten Nebraska as we were dragging them around when disaster struck and Denard went down for the season and NO BACKUP QB was ready, UNBELIEVABLE!  Beating Ohio State at the half, why lets go away from what’s working and lose.  Make no mistake Alabama beat the snot out of us and we probably should have lost to Northwestern.  A 9-3 season was there for the taking.  The program is headed in the right direction, another year or so with the RichRod players slowing graduating and Hoke bringing in a bumper crop of recruits, we will be fine.  Might have to go look in person next year, should have went this year.  Lotta shoulds there.

Gonna miss the fun and gun offense Denard Robinson brought to Michigan.  It’s not really Michigan’s style, never was, but it was fun while it lasted.  He took a lot of punishment but every time he got through the line running you held your breath, and so did the opposition.  Good character and well liked.  I guarantee you there will not be another one like him!

Thanks Team# 133.

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