Don’t Let Up Now….

Going to State is exciting!  Whether it’s the first time there or whatever, it’s fun.  I don’t think going to the state championship game and winning it would be worth a hoot if your not there.  That’s the excitement.  Being in the midst of it.  If you could see it on TV that may be another thing but…. no.

I remember Dillon playing Fairfield Central many years ago, about 14-15 now, and they were good, period.  Big and good.  The sideline was as disciplined as any I have ever seen.  When the coach barked an order it happened immediately.  There was no going looking for whoever was called upon.  I think those little things played a point in beating us 3 of 4 times.  For a long while afterward I’d watch for their scores on Friday night and they always rolled big over whoever they played.  These past few years they seemed to have come back down to earth, still winning but not in as dominating fashion as back then.

Dillon surprised everyone last Friday night by throttling Timberland 48-13 when every other time we played them it was always within a few points.  Coach Hayes said they came there to play and they were not going to let up off the gas, they need to do that again this Friday afternoon.  I can’t say who will win, I really can’t, but if they play like they did last Friday night they will be hard to beat.  We’ll see if the old adage is true that “defenses win championships”, because Dillon’s defense, I believe, is no#1 in the state.

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