One Down, Loris Coming To Town….

Not really much to say about a 57-0 blowout.  No disrespect but how Lake Marion threw for over 3,000 yards this year is beyond me.  There was always a reciever in the flat as a dump off but he couldn’t even hit him half the time, over his head or at his feet.  The rush was good but he did have time to get it out there, but….  When the DHS short pass made it 28-0 Lake Marion quit.  There was no life, no spark, hands on hips, walking to and from the sidelines.  The coaches never let up but the kids did, not all, but most.  On the DHS extra points only 3 or 4 Lake Marion defenders even moved.  The 91 yards td sprint was a thing of beauty, like a jet.  GONE!

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