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The man who plead guilty, Jared Lee Loughner, to the shooting rampage that killed six and wounded Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was sentenced by Judge Larry Burns to seven life terms in prison.  How screwed up has our legal system become that a judge would have to sentence a man to seven life terms to make sure he really serves the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of getting out?  He only plead guilty because the state said they would seek the death penalty if he didn’t.  Based on that, guilty as hell I say!


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg order gas rationing on the odd even system.  Going by license tags and basing it on how your tag number ends, either odd or even, you can only get gas on a days date that matches your tag.  I remember getting caught up in this back in the 70’s, they did the same thing during that gas shortage then.  You’d pull into a service station after a considerable wait, the attendant would check out your tag, and then stick his head in the drivers window to see how much gas you had.  If you were over half, no gas for you!  I can’t remember if there was a limit on how much you could get, but think so.


A Michigan man, Raulie Casteel, who randomly shot at moving cars along interstate 96 near Detroit was charged today with those crimes.  A driver of one of the cars targeted miraculously got an id on the shooter and the police tracked him down.  Only one person was hit in the shootings and he got it in the butt.  Now for the real astonishing part; his mother, Lana Hunt of Brooksville FL, when asked for comment told the Detroit Free Press that her son “might be mentally ill but refuses to see a doctor.” “It’s not in his character to go around shooting at people.”  “That’s just not him.”  “That’s somebody else.”  “That’s somebody that’s disturbed,” she told the newspaper.”  I cannot describe the idiocy of those comments.  Based on those same comments we might want to check out mom too.  Holy Crap!

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