Lights Out….

This game was expected to be a cakewalk and that’s just what it was.  Over quickly with a running clock in the second half, as expected, 48-12.  Anyway this is going to be the game that everyone will remember “The Hit”.  Late 4th quarter Aynor punting and as usual they try like everyone else to pinch the sidelines.  When that happens the Dillon returner usually heads east and west, not north and south as normal.  Anyway when this happens some Dillon defenders usually double back and try to pick off a couple would be tacklers running wide open but not looking where they are going.  Well last night DHS no#35 lit up Aynor’s no#30.  It was without a doubt the most vicious hit I have ever seen in person.  It happened right in front of me and I literally went weak for a moment, turned my back on the field and walked away, thinking the kid just got killed.  Really, it was that hard!  When I turned back I was shocked to see the kid up and moving.  The Dillon sideline was besides it’s self for several minutes following that.  You hate to see anything that vicious, but how do you control hard hitting, tell em to ease up?!?  The only other real news was Tara “The Girl” Grimsley missed two extra points, I know one was the snap and hold, not sure about the other.  She kicks extra points as well as anyone ever has.  On to the rest of the conference.

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