Musical Rambling….

Remember the Soul Train scramble board?  Don Cornelius was the man!

Remember Don Kirshner’s Rock concert that was on late night Saturday night’s?  That was some good stuff after a night out partying.

Remember American Bandstand and that chubby black kid who was on dancing like crazy every week?  And… “it had a really nice beat”.

Remember Dionne Warwick on Solid Gold and the Solid Gold dancers?

Remember when MTV played videos?

Remember Lawrence Welk, ana Sissy ana Bobby?  I barely remember the originals but sometimes I do watch the reruns.  The numbers are short and it keeps moving pretty quickly one to another.  Wunnerful!  Wunnerful!

I had a cassette player in my car when others were still on the 8 track.  Suckers!

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