I Really Thought….

Where there’s smoke….

I really thought it would be somewhat of a good ballgame but Lake City didn’t really bring much to the dance.  Weren’t they good last year???  The executed their plays well, meaning they didn’t seem to have any mix ups or seem out of sorts, they just couldn’t get anywhere against the speed and strength of Dillon.  We pretty much walked through this game.  On another point Tara “The Girl” Grimsley’s extra points are excellent.  As the season opened the extra points were good but it was always a question of how it would get over the bar.  One time a knuckler, next a pop up, then a line drive etc.  Friday night every one was text book.  She is also hands down better than whoever we had kicking off earlier.  Most of the her kicks were high and landed at about the 20, I think one went inside to 20.  The high kicks enable the outside gunners to get there about the same time the ball does.  On Dillon’s last touchdown the offense was all smiles coming off the field, that is until coach Hayes lit into them as they ran the play in the wrong direction and touchdown or not he was not a happy man.  Coaching them up till the end.  Lake City had a good BBQ sandwich and stadium announcer but after that, not much.  Dillon had more fans there than they did.  On to next week, don’t ya know Marlboro’s gonna be gunning for us!

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