Just Rambling….

On TV poker why do they allow the players to wear hats, sunglasses, hooded sweatshirts and etc.  This hides the face somewhat and isn’t bluffing part of the game?  I say nothing covering the head except clear prescription glasses.  If you have a “tell” that’s your problem.  Part of the game.

I get a kick out of the NFL pregame shows where there are five guys, five, sometimes more, analyzing the games.  They make it sound like they are analyzing the break out of war.  I like football as well as the next but come on.

The State Highway Department is supposed to close off the road that runs next to our house.  More yard, more privacy.  I wish they would get started already.

I saw an episode of Seinfeld recently where the Yankee’s fired George and they gave him three months severance pay, and with the money in hand George declared it “the summer of George”.  I’d love to have a “summer of Steve”.

Some people live in the minute, I live in the next minute.


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