Look Out Mars Here We Come….

Did you know, and I know you don’t, that the United States is going to spend $425 Million to send a vehicle to Mars to poke a probe into the surface 15 feet to take a temperature reading.  This will help us determine if there was ever life there.  Don’t we have a vehicle there now that we could have equipped to do that?  $425 million!!!  I’d like to know the life form here that thinks we need to do this.  Why is it so important for us to know if there was ever life on Mars?  If we do indeed find out there was a life form there then we will have to spend out the kazoo to find out what happened to it.  Maybe we should just send the bigfoot research organization up there to find this life form, there not having much luck here last I saw.  You know what’s next don’t you, more vehicles and more probes.  You do know that NASA officials also want to build a space station on the moon as sort of launching point to go to Mars.  So we have to go to the Moon to go to Mars.  The Moon is approximately 240,000 miles away, and depending on positions in orbits of both the Earth and Mars the closest Mars will ever be and any time is 36,000,000.  Now what sense does it make to think starting 240,000 miles closer to an object that is at least 36,000,000 away make.  I’m sure there is some Carl Sagan logical thinking involved here but I’d love to hear it none the less.  Also NASA says that getting back to the Moon will take 10 years.  10 years!!!  What!!!  Someone wake these guys up.  We’ve already been there.  Done that.  And in less time than what President Kennedy challenged back in 1962.  And with at least 1/100th less technology.  We should be able to go tomorrow if we want.  This ain’t 1968.  Wait wait this just in, scientists reviewed pictures sent back by the rover they found what they think is an ancient stream bed.  Holy cow!  Water!  We’ve never seen that before.  That’s $425 million well spent.

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