And it Rained Too….

The Cats didn’t exactly come out of the gate screaming but they did do enough to win, and let’s admit it the refs did help a bit.  Central has a new head coach, supposedly a lot of new players and has been a 2A power for some time now and if anyone thought that the talent level was just going to fall off you’d be dreaming.  They came to play.  Jabo was his usual self averaging about 10 ypr but left early banged up.  No issue however, with Joe Blue and that Wildcat formation.  Man I love that!  With both of those things working the Wildcats put up 27 with “The Girl”, Tara Grimsley, connecting on 3 of 4 extra points.  The Eagles found a soft underneath spot in the defense and ate us up with the pass, until we adjusted, scoring their 13 points this way.  Dillon tackled for crap.  We missed so many backfield tackles as that could have been what kept it close.  The clock was also an issue as it never ticked all night.  I asked the side judge numerous times what the time was and he never knew, I know the head ref keeps track of it but the side judge needs to keep the benches aware.  I don’t know about Dillon, but Central rarely knew how much time was left.  When Dillon scored right at the half and time had expired they were howling and I guess I don’t blame them. They were yelling time time asking for help.  None came.  The 2nd and 3rd quarters seemed awfully long as well?!?  One Central coach told me, as they write down every play in a notebook, they usually get into the fourth page of writing and Friday night they were already into the fifth page with supposedly 10 minutes yet to go in the game.  About that same time the rains came.  Never underestimate the usefulness of a cheap Wal-Mart poncho.

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