Yackety Yack….

Ya know just when you think you’ve heard everything someone comes along and drops yet another bombshell.  This one beats all.  I said something new, not something true.  Well it seems some genius did a bit research to see who talk more, men or women.  Somehow or other he, or she, found that men speak an average of about 17, 500 words a day.  That seemed high to me but I was good with it.  Who am I to differ.  Hell I speak alot of words and no one is there to hear it, I guess those count too.  How would you count words of someone who speaks to themselves?  Regardless the study went on to report that women speak, and hold on to your hats, it’s astonishing, they speak about the same 17, 500 words a day.  You want to talk about a bunch of bull.  Hell I got an assistant who holds the land speak record.  You see women in cars they all have cell phones to their ears, they can’t go to the bathroom by themselves because of the need to chat while potty-ing.  All women need to know what every other woman in the world is doing all the time and they’ll do whatever it takes to find out, and then tell whoever will listen.  Amazing!  Ya know the difference between a woman not talking and bigfoot?  People have seen bigfoot!  The Same!  It ain’t even close!

One thought on “Yackety Yack….

  1. i probably talk more than 17,500 words to just mama alone a day.. I’m a woman and I know we talk more than men do a day

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