I’m Just Knitpicking Now….

"Get your motor runnin."

Why this bothers me I have no idea, it just does.  A handicapped space taken up by a motorcycle, however the motorcycle did have a handicapped license plate so it’s all legal.  I didn’t know such a thing existed.  How do you go about getting a handicapped license plate?  I guess you go into the DMV and say “yes I’m handicapped and I’d like to apply for a motorcycle license”.  The only explaination I have for being bothered is, their not too handicapped that they can ride a motorcycle, but their too handicapped to park in a space or two further away.  C’mon a motorcycle is harder to get on than a car is to get in.  Yes I know not all handicaps are not physical but that does not make it any better does it?  Not out on the open road anyway.  You need all your facilities about you or you’ll get squashed.   Regardless I snapped this pic myself outside a grocery store near where I work today at lunch, I didn’t find it on the internet,   I snapped it going in and saw the elderly cyclist’s when I was coming out, they had on neon vests so that makes it ok.  Why this bothers me I still have no idea, it just does.

One thought on “I’m Just Knitpicking Now….

  1. Ill explain it to ya later… I dont get it either. But that picture is of a trike and you dont have to have a motorcycle license to drive it just a regular license.

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