Did you ever do the old setup of running string between two tin cans and communicating by talking into one tin can while your buddy who’s locked in the closet holds the other can to his ear?  You had to speak so loud that it was really easier hear the yelling than the sounds coming through the string and into the tin can.  Hell if your not over 40 you probably never heard of such a thing have you? 

I know there's a message here somewhere.

Not so now a days, put away the tin can and string.  In this digital world of text’s, e-mails, twitters and etc our language has developed, or rather, regressed backwards to single character words, and at the speed of light I might add. No more hollaring.  R u following?  Well r u?  U c what im sayn?  I refuse to take the turn backwards, backwards into symbology and abbreviation.  Not back to tin cans either though.  Now I’ll fully admit writing these entries have done nothing to improve my spelling, punctuation, grammar or whatever else but I am not going the route of textese. Textese.  I made that up.  If the Nuns of St.Bernard’s would hear of me doing this they would crawl out of their graves and beat me with a ruler. The side with the metal edge too.  Omg that would hurt.  LOL.  Sometimes I recieve some communications with so much testese in them that it’s slower to read than the words themselves would have been.  Archaeologists would have a quicker time deciphering ancient hieroglyphics in some cave than I do with a 7 word sentence.  Spelling has gone the route of a bygone era.  Capitolization has also gone the route of a bygone era, and punctuation is down to a bare thread.  I know one person who at the end of every message types “thnks”.  Now is it so hard to put an “a” in there?  Maybe it’s a time thing and the time it takes to type the “a” all day long can add in-valuable much needed time later in a busy afternoon.  I never thought of it but maybe it’s supposed to be an “i”.  Ah well, anyway I know another that constantly spells does “dose”.  This same person spelled their own name wrong recently, nor did they capitolize it.  In fact in the 13 word sentence there were four spelling errors, including their name, and no punctuation.  Why would you not atleast correct the spelling of your own name?  These are folks that I’m sure have finished the basic schooling required of their respective states, I think.  If nothing else there is spell check.  Look into it.  The best one I received lately was a reply from a guy that told me I’d “haft to”.  This was his response that he could not help me and I would “have to” check with someone else about my inquiry.  This one goes in the classic folder.  LOL.  TTFN.

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