I’m Not Drinking The Kool Aid This Year….

"It Goes Through Us!"

Last year I drank, I drank late, but I still drank.  That ain’t happening this year.  Last year’s team was on a ride of unbelievable accomplishments, however it crashed and burned under the weight of unforeseen circumstances.  But I still believed, few didn’t.  The gangs back.  The table is set (see below).  Clear the dishes one at a time.  But clear the glasses first so I don’t drink again.

08/17  7:30 PM  
08/24  7:30 PM  
08/31  7:30 PM  
09/14  7:30 PM  
09/21  7:30 PM  
09/28  7:30 PM  
10/05  7:30 PM  
10/12  7:30 PM  
10/19  7:30 PM  
10/26  7:30 PM

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