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Every evening as I drive home from work I usually listen to National Public Radio, just not into the music thing that much anymore.   Well lately it’s been all about the Jerry Sandusky child abuse trial going on.  So many alleged victims have come forth and the evidence is really stacking up and pretty damming.  I think Jerry is going away for awhile.  I remind you I say this with half a trial still to go so anything can happen.  Remember Casey Anthony, it looked pretty bad for her too.  If you’ll allow me I’ll go back to a story many years ago at a place I worked.  There was this young lady I’ll call Amy.  Amy was a terrific worker.  Full of energy, very cooperative, happy, outgoing and as I said a terrific worker.  I guess she hadn’t had too many breaks in her life and she finally got one and she was out to show she had the metal to do well, and she did.  However Amy did have one fatal flaw as I soon found out.  I wasn’t really sure and no one else was saying anything so I kept it to myself for the most part.  No sense in starting anything unfounded.  Several times when Amy would be helping me with something or other and we were in close proximity I could smell the unique aroma of the old wacky tabacky.  That’s right, marijuana, or so I thought anyway.  And don’t ask me how.  One day I was in my office and there was all of a sudden quite a commotion outside in the lab area I supervised, but for some reason I didn’t budge from where I was or what I was doing.  It went on for a few minutes then got quiet.  I got up and went out into the lab area and there was enough blood on the floor to float a battleship.  Apparently while working on a project Amy had cut herself with a razor knife on the inside of her forearm quite badly, they patched her up and took off for the hospital for aid and stitches.  Well as required by company policy a drug test was mandatory after an accident.  Long story short, Amy didn’t fair well in the test and was given the boot.  Really sorry to see it end that way but she made that bed.  Amy was also dating a coworker at the time who probably saw his reputation as a bit more important that what it really was.  They were not dating so to speak, they were living together, not the old Friday night date routine.  They were in a relationship.  Amy had a questionable past so he can get off that high horse reputation of his, she was from the other side of the tracks, he knew it and everyone else knew it too, but so what.  Anyway what happens, he dumps her.  What?  Are you kidding me?  He acts like it’s all a surprise to him and mister holier than thou wants to cleanse himself of her.  Save face so to speak with the higher ups that is.  Butt kisser that is.  If your wife or girlfriend is smoking doobies at lunch or whenever, you know about it sooner or later.  Don’t give me that crap you didn’t know!  You know.  What to do about it?  Hell I can’t say, but you do know.  I asked him.  He didn’t know.  Right.

Now fast forward to the Jerry Sandusky saga.  All the victims, all the alegations, all the trips with young boys, all the sleepovers at his house, all the gifts, all the close personal contact with these children you cannot tell me his wife did not atleast suspect something.  I bet a good cop could break her in about 10 minutes, and if she knew throw her in the cell with him.  If guilty he could get 550 years.  550 years, seems kind of light to me.


Jerry Sandusky was found guilty on 45 of 48 counts of abuse.

A 30-year-old Ohio man is the first accuser of former Penn State football Coach Jerry Sandusky to speak publicly about the sexual abuse he says he endured.  Travis Weaver, in an exclusive interview said Sandusky performed sex on him in the upstairs bedroom of the Sandusky home, right across the hall from Sandusky’s wife, Dottie.  Weaver said Dottie Sandusky never witnessed firsthand any of the abuse but he suspects she had an idea of what was going on.  “How could you not know?” asked Weaver in the interview.

That’s my point here I guess.  If you live with someone long enough you know all the ins, outs and everything associated with that person.  You know when somethings up.  You know when something is just not right, or conversely when things are going well.  Same as work environment.  You work with someone long enough you’ll know them as well as you know anyone, including your spouse.  Dottie Sandusky knew.

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