Doing Something….

A couple of posts back I talked of doing something when something needs to be done and a few nights ago a middleweight fighter pushed back.  Nick Ring, now that’s a tough guy name, found himself in the middle of a make or break situation and took control.  Out on the streets after finishing a workout for his upcoming title fight he was witness to a group of bullies, 5 or 6 strong, beating up a young man and his girlfriend.  Ring sprung into action with another passerby and literally chased off the attackers.  Ring and the stranger chased the group six blocks before the cops caught up with them and took most of the group into custody.  “There are people out there who will take advantage of other people just because they can and if we turn a blind eye it’s like we’re condoning it.”  “They were getting assaulted and there wasn’t anyone around, so it had to be me.”  Ya gotta like that!

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