Sorry I Couldn’t Stay For Pictures….

Cap and Gown, and Cuffs!

It’s the last of spring and that means only one thing.  Well several really.  But it’s the time of year when the graduates of our local high schools march down the aisles and receive their diplomas for 12, or more, years of hard work.  I can attest to the hard part anyway.  I could feel this coming.  It had to happen, and let’s be honest we all kind of wanted it to anyway, and now they went and done it.  At a South Carolina High School Graduation Ceremony the mother of one such lucky graduate’s was arrested for disorderly conduct.  Can you imagine your walking up to receive your diploma and the cops are hauling mom off to the slammer for being a jerk.  Cuffs and all.  Bond set.  Authorities said she was whooping it up, screaming and hollering during the announcement of her daughters name, which could be understandable I suppose, but police also said she was disruptive during the ceremony.  Bye mom.  Call me.  Apparently the school made the announcement to the district and sent letters home to the parents so forewarned they were.  Mom was shocked exclaiming “are you serious”, “you for real”.  “Letter?”  “I ain’t seen no letter!”  “Couldn’t read it no how anyway.”  Quite honestly I would have loved it.  I’ve been to three graduations here in SC and NC with a mix of experiences.  The first I don’t think I heard anything from the time I went in to the time I left.  The sound system sucked and with all the hooting and hollering going on it just made it a joke, and you’d probably not hear anything anyway.  I really felt like the school administrators just wanted it to be over and let it go on.  I never heard one name mentioned.  Not one!  It wasn’t rowdy, just loud.  What a let down.  The second where my daughter graduated was directly the opposite.  It was held outside in the football stadium and it was so quiet you could hear the crickets in the fields.  This is another venue that will haul your butt away if you act a fool.  The third was a college graduation, bad sound system and some hooting going on but not bad.  It’s kind of sad, you wait for that one moment to hear your child’s name mentioned and it gets drowned out by a bunch of unschooled lower social class parents.  It needs to be a solemn event, not funeral like, but it needs to have a certain quiet dignity about it.

While were at it, a friend of mine told me about a parent who went in with some other parents and shelled out $30.00 so his daughter could ride to her graduation ceremony in a limo.  Pretty sweet deal.  After all graduation is a special time so why not go in style.  What better way to remember your graduation FROM THE 8TH GRADE than a chauffeured limo ride.  Think they were toasting kiddy cocktails in the back while jamming to the Sesame Street theme?  Did they have to have a chaperon in case someone had to go potty?  For the record I’m not into graduations from anything other than High School or College.  Is it a bit silly or just me?  A 8th grade graduation, really?

Just for fun copy and paste the link below and get a taste of what a home schooled graduation commencement address might sound like.  I wrote it some time back, it’s timeless.

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  1. Love this and I totally agree! We were warned at our high school graduation that if family was yelling out during the ceremony, they would be hauled off. I can’t pull up the link you posted 🙁

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