Do Something, Even If It’s Wrong….

My God it’s happened again.  I remember after the Congresswoman Gabriella Giffords shooting(s) in Arizona a couple years back, that someone who knew the shooter knew he was going to do something like that.  He knew it!  Did he do anything?  Hell no, until it happened that is.  Then his face is all over the news for his 15 minutes of fame and in some somber voice telling of how “HE KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN”!  Now again, and these aren’t the only two they’re just the latest, a horrific maiming of a homeless man in Miami and a shooting in a Seattle cafe.  In both cases acquaintances knew the attackers were off their rockers and sat quietly doing nothing.  Then all hell breaks loose and they come out and boldly, even bravely tell how they KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN!  After the Seattle incident the shooters brother, his brother now, said;  “It’s no surprise to me this happened.  We could see this coming.  Nothing good is going to come with that much anger inside of you.”  Now his brother is dead, and so are five others for no good reason.  Imagine being the family of one of the murdered victims and hearing that.  Telling someone, doing something, getting him help of some kind might have saved six lives.  In Miami, the attackers ex-wife said;  “he was a good man, didn’t do hard drugs or anything, wouldn’t even take a Tylenol, he just smoked a lot of marijuana”.  What!  That’s how you describe a normal person?  A good person?  Mentioning hard drugs and marijuana use?!?  Like I said before, most people are not going to do anything if it does not effect them directly or as long as the trouble goes away from them.  There are and always have been screw ups in society.  Nothing new there.  We’ve got to take control of the civil part of society and quit turning our heads and pretending we see nothing, or worse yet breathing easy when the problem goes away from us and is now seemingly in someone else’s court.  Miami and Seattle are in our court.  If it’s in civil society, it’s in our court!  Don’t become numb because the problems seem a thousand miles away.  They are not.  Do something!

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