The Weekenders Go North….

The Perfect Child.

What a night for traveling.  It rained the whole way.  It was dark as coal.  Bright lights were glaring.  The road was glaring.  I couldn’t see crap!  Got off the freeway one exit too early and kind of backed tracked our way to the house.  And still made it in two hours!!  Yes it was another weekend with “The Girls”.  As described above the first night was a doosey.  We were so happy to be warm and dry and in the company of “The Girls”.  So Friday night we chilled and talked and since I’d been up since 4:00 am going to bed was easy.  Well the idea of going to bed was easy anyway.  The actual climb up into the bed was another story.  God forbid you’d fall out during the night.  Hell you’d still be falling.  But it felt good none the less.  Saturday morning early for b-ball was planned. 

The Salmon.

The Salmon had a game, I’ll get to the Salmon part in a minute.  She played well, pretty much a starter I’d guess.  She was in the whole game almost.  It was a blast watching and they won I believe 24-12.  Anyway we get home and I tell Michaela I though she scored 6 points.  She said no it was seven, and so we went back and forth a few times.  Well there’s no 3 pointers, and she never went to the foul line, so how she scored an odd number is beyond me.  Practice was called for the next day and she reminded me of the time to take her.  That is until the rest of us were planning an outing downtown and then she suddenly remembered she told the coach she wasn’t going.  Anyway I call her the Salmon because if you say up, she says down, if you say in, she says out.  And if she decides to put on a show, your watching, regardless.  Gotta love her though.  Maddy may be the perfect child.  Perfect!  My goodness she tends to her own business and when she does perk up it’s with quiet dignity.  I never heard her make any bones about anything the whole weekend. 


Kelli and Carly are just fun to be around.  They go with the flow regardless.  Nothing really seems to bother them.  Kelli took a three hour nap and after the Jason Beeber movie and several lost brain cells later we decided to have supper.  Saturday night they made vegetable Lasagna and they know, “I LOVE VEGETABLE LASAGNA”!  Don’t forget to burn it.  With garlic bread too.  The rest of the night was spent trying to find out if Joe Paterno was dead or alive.  Sunday we made the trek into downtown Durham.  Our tour guide was great and took us to a cold empty building to walk around in.  Even walked the cold empty basement.  But we did drive around and that was fun checking out the town.  We ended up in the food court at the local mall, which was fine, everyone got what they wanted.  The Salmon struck again and had to have the adult rice plate which was the size of Montana, and no she didn’t finish what she said she would.  Carly tried to no avail.  Kelli “Tebowed” in the food court when I sort of dared her to, but she went and did it so quick I never had time to say what I’d do if she did it.  It was a free dare.  She did it again in the middle of the mall as well. 

The Weekenders and a Girl.

We rode and saw everyone’s work and schools including the leaning factory, complete with ovens.  HA!  Even went and saw Kelli and Carly’s dad.  It had been a while.  He really hadn’t changed that much.  Ah well I think that ends the weekend except for the drive home, which was a breeze.  Exact opposite of how we came in.  I Tebowed because I rarely touched the cruise control the whole way.  The next time the folks go to Trinidad I’m there for em.

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