Torn Between….

The public memorial for legendary college football coach Joe Paterno was held today.  He was God at Penn State.  He was a legend at Penn State.  Some say he was Penn State.  Yes I said was.  But I wanted him to go out as a unblemished legend.  I wanted to remember him the way I remember Woody, Bo, Bear and Bobby.  I wanted to say wow!  That’s what I wanted.  He was a great coach and a leader of men.  That’s it, I can’t go forward.  I can’t write a real tribute because of the blemish.  Truth is he didn’t do enough or follow up.  If you think he vindicated himself ask yourself that and pretend that was your son or brother being victimized while he reported it and went no further.  Regardless, no matter how much you loved Joe, you will never, as long as you live, see his picture or mention his name without thinking of what took him away from coaching.  That’s what I didn’t want.  Damn it Joe why?

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