Goodbye 2011, God’s Speed….

Was 2011 shortened or what?  It seems like we just celebrated Christmas 2010 and I was setting up this website.  It is true that as you age the years go by quicker!  Why?  Maybe we’re busier now and time passes quickly when your busy.  I dunno.  I give up, but….

The year started quietly enough as all the thinking and planning that went on for a year and half concerning our daughter’s wedding were over and we could get back to real life.  And it was a peaceful start.  Work kept me busy and stressed as can be through out the year.  Worked a lot of Saturday’s and the travel did not seem to cut back any.  I’d like to know how many miles I racked up this year.  It’s a challenge keeping up sometimes but I am thankful I have it.  Kristie’s jobs keep her hopping as well.  One day here, one day there.  God only knows where she will be the next tomorrow.  She does a good job as well keeping up with all the changes in surroundings and the off crazy hours and places she goes.  Well done!

In late April Kristie and I went south to Florida to visit my brother and his wife for a long weekend.  What a great trip, we really enjoyed it.  We went airboat riding through some back swamps and rivers looking for gators and wildlife.  My first airboat ride and I loved it.  My brother and his wife are always great hosts.

We spent as much time in the winter, spring, summer and fall at “The River” as we could.  We enjoy every aspect of staying down there.  It’s a wonderful get-a-way.  It seems like every weekend there is a festival, parade or some food being celebrated.  Spent 10 days there in July as vacation, some of it was bundled around Kristie working in the area.  Makes you feel like a beach bum.  We are definitely pool people as well.

In mid September Kristie and I ventured up to Michigan to go see a football game in “The Big House”.  It was Michigan vs Eastern Michigan on a cool fall day.  We took an extra day to enjoy Ann Arbor, do some looking around and rest up from the trip there.  The trip both ways and everything about it was great.  It all just seemed to work out and we had a great time tailgating, meeting folks, and petting the Wolverine for luck.

In November my niece and her children visited and we had a wonderful weekend.  As I have said before we all have a good time with each other when we get together.  I love being around the girls.  Shortly after their visit Kelli was involved in a car accident and had some injuries.  We were all happy that what happened to her will eventually heal up and she’ll be back in action.  Don’t think the car will however.

Enjoyed the gridiron sidelines again this year and watched what I thought was going to certainly be the 2011 AA Football State Champions.  Like a buzz saw they went through the season unscathed, almost untouched.  But like all good buzz saws someone eventually finds the on/off switch and their season ended was one game short of the goal.  The chain crew was outstanding once again!

The Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays were good as always, too short or too fast.  Whichever.  Spent our first Thanksgiving away at our daughter Jill and son in law Michael’s house, what wonderful hosts.  Had someone to drink beer and smoke cigars with for a change.  Went to a few Christmas events to get in the spirit and had a get together at the house for some family and friends.  Gotta do that more often.  The lighted boat parade at “The River” was pretty cool too.  Sitting out on a cool night watching the lighted and decorated boats go by was fun.  The house was decorated to within an inch of it’s lfe and looked and felt fantastic.  Kristie even decorated the condo some.  Oh yeah, I love frying turkeys almost as much as eating them.

My buddy Jake had a good year too.  He certainly scared us last year and I didn’t want to go through that again.  He’s getting older and the older he gets the more laps he wants to get on.  Gotta love him though!

Can’t wait to find out what adventures and challenges 2012 will bring us.  First stop, The Sugar Bowl, “Michigan” vs “Virginia Tech”.  As for the rest of 2012, I’ll take as it comes.

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